Collection of Mini Icon Sets To Download

Collection of Mini Icon Sets To Download

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An icon is a small picture used on a screen to represent some action or content. Icons can be used alone or with words. By themselves, icons can save space. A creative designer always think about every small things in the design and an icon plays an important role in design. In this post we have collected some mini icon sets to download. Enjoy!! If you like these icons you might be interest in our previous posts below.

Micro Icon Set



Pixel UI Icon Set

12 px glyphs

Mini glyphs

Glyph UI Icon Set


Strabo II

Pixicus Icon Set: 106 Pixel Perfect Icons


Free Mini Vector App Icons

Mimi Glyphs free psd file

Mimi Glyphs

50 Crisp Web UI Icons

Vento Icon Set 

160 Tiny Icons

16px Glyph Icons

Washing Machine Icons

Soft Media Icons Set Vol 1

Soft Media Icons Set Vol 2

Pirate Icons

128 16px Toolkit Icons

Shopping Icons

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