BionicWP Review: The Future of Managed Hosting Solutions: Is BionicWP the answer?

BionicWP Review: The Future of Managed Hosting Solutions: Is BionicWP the answer?

BionicWP Review

There is a variety of managed hosting solutions out in the market for everyday users. However, picking out the first option that an individual or business comes across is never a wise choice to make.

Our BionicWP Review Summary. Overall, BionicWP is an excellent choice for managed WordPress hosting.

What they should actually do is spend some time researching and select the Managed Hosting solution that is the best out there. If you are someone who priorities versatile products and high quality, then continue reading.

The first important thing to note is there exists a major issue in the market of Managed Hosting Solutions. There are many Managed Hosting Solutions out there that are simple and ordinary, but the way they are marketed exaggerates their ability.

As a result, the user does not get anything unique, and the business has to experience the ordinary and straightforward experience it brings.

The X factor that all businesses need is simply not there with these ordinary Managed Hosting solutions.

However, even when things like these are happening in the market, products like BionicWP are there to save the day with their game-changing abilities.

It brings exciting things to the usual Hosting Solutions and Site Management by providing a unique experience and a variety of original and unique features.

As a result, it has set the bar for Managed Hosting Solutions really high as compared to other hosting solutions.

Our Honest BionicWP Review

Introducing BiocnicWP and its ability to transform your business

It is a Managed Hosting Solution that is based on WordPress.

It brings to the table incredible and innovative features, specifications, and tools that allow you to streamline business according to your own preferences and the unique requirements of the business.

The backend of BionicWP hosting is based on Google Cloud. As a result, it heavily relies on the Google C2 High Compute Instance.

Moreover, to speed up the website, it also features a hyper-optimized stack and goes hand in hand with the Google C2 High Compute Instance.

The most incredible thing about BionicWP is that it is WordPress friendly. As a result, you are able to do everything that you want in your own way.

It allows you to achieve all of your goals, whether it is to have beyond par server performance, edit the content of your website, or increase the website's scale so that it can manage more visitors.

Things that the BionicWP is incredible at:

BionicWP assured performance of the page with a score of 90+ on Google Page speed insights.

  • A site backup of 30 days with hack-proof enabled
  • A regular weekly report of performance and monitoring
  • Scalability, SSL, and CDN are all high performing
  • SSH access that allows you to have your staging area of your own
  • Hosting solution that is white-label
  • Update management for WordPress Plugin/Core/Theme
  • An unlimited amount of site edits for WordPress

With all the great features it has to offer, one can't help but think that BionicWP must cost a lot.

But worry not as there is good news in this regard as well.

Apart from the top-notch features of BionicWP, another great thing about it is that it does not cost much.

You can get all of these as add-on features for only $25.

However, this extra amount is separate from the hosting cost. Don't forget to check the box that says “Unlimited Edits” while purchasing BionicWP.

BionicWP Pricing

Sign Up for FREE Trial

Insights into the BionicWP Platform

If you wish to have a trial run of the platform, then you can, as BionicWP offers one.

Just sign up for the trial and give it a test run before making a purchase. However, even if you do not wish to try it, it is pretty neat and straightforward to use.

BionicWP Dashboard

You can have a look at all the stuff as it is visible on the dashboard. Upon the launch, your website will be visible in the tab that shows the live sites.

Some information that you can know about your website is the plugins installed on it, the theme you chose, and much more.

Let's run you through the steps of creating a site!

Sign Up for FREE Trial

Get your website live on the fastest hosting solution for WordPress

BionicWP WordPress Installation

To start with the process, you have to click on the New Site button.

Once you have clicked, it will direct you to the installation page.

Here you will be given the option to either launch a website of your own or migrate a website. In this example, we will be launching a website.

BionicWP Sites

The site is now ready. You have to navigate back to the dashboard, where you will find the site that is now live.

BionicWP Total-Website Created

This is how the website will be ready.

We now have a WordPress Installation at our hands and the ability to do anything we wish on the site that we just created.

Moreover, the website is already extremely fast as we used a stack for hyper-performance on it.

BionicWP WordPress Website Launch

The website that I just launched has the theme already. The plugins and theme can be seen on the dashboard.

BionicWP Themes and Plugin Information

If I wish to update any of the things, it can be done at the same time. All I have to do is click the “Update All” option.

However, if I wish to update them individually, that can be done as well.

BionicWP Manual Updates

The Bionic WP plugin is located at the dashboard on the admin panel of WordPress.

BionicWP WordPress Plugin

The plugin for BionicWP has all the information, including the status of plugins, WordPress core, and the available themes.

This includes all of these that are available on WordPress as well as the dashboard for BionicWP.

In order to help you improve the site performance, cache at the level of the application is also made available to you.

BionicWP Cache Settings

BionicWP Managed Hosting Site Details

Now that we are familiar with launching a website with BionicWP, let's look at the options we get to manage this website.

BionicWP Managed Hosting Site Details

If you look at the dashboard, it provides me with an overview or a summary version of all that is there, including the SSH access panel.

BionicWP sFTP SSH Detail

Apart from having SSH access, it also allows me to log in directly into the database.

This is possible from the dashboard as the option is available. All I have to do is make one click.

A single click can also help me improve the performance of the website.

I just have to click the option that says, “Make these numbers bionic.” The speed rank for the page is not visible because it is a new site.

Activation of Hyper-Performance

The activation of hyper-performance on BionicWP managed hosting is relatively simple.

In order to do so, first, it is crucial to run a test that will allow us to get an idea about the performance boost the website will get.

BionicWP Activation of Hyper-Performance

The CDN is made available by BionicWP, as well as a hyper-speed pack by Nitropack. Using them increases the performance of the site.

CDN ensures the distribution of content to all the global servers.

Nitropack, on the other hand, ensures that an image of the website is created on the server, allowing it to fetch data directly.

It is important to note both of these features work individually and cannot be enabled simultaneously.

Site Speed Testing for BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting

In my case, I got a full score on the Google Page Speed test, as you can see. This was even before I got the chance to enable CDN or Nitropack for the website.

Site Speed Testing for BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting

Your score may be different from my score based on the WordPress theme that you are using.

Since I am using the WordPress default theme, I am getting a 100 Google Page Speed Score.

But you will surely get 90+ GTMetrix scores & 90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores as they are giving a guarantee for the same.

If you really want your business to grow, you should definitely give BionicWP hosting solution a chance.

It is an incredible platform that has amazing features. If you want to have a taste before you eat the full meal, you can always try their “Try Before You Buy” offer.

Try BionicWP for FREE!

A little detail about the features that BionicWP offers

After becoming a bit familiar with BionicWP and the stuff it offers, it is now time to dig deep into understanding it better.

It can help you significantly reduce the additional site management work due to the fantastic features it has to offer.

Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress

Before we delve into the features, it is essential to clear out what BionicWP has to offer. There are three essential things:

  • It offers server-level management and support
  • It also provides application-level management and support
  • It also provides customization for applications

BionicWP managed hosting solutions, in simple words, is an all-in-one solution that looks after everything, including WordPress post and page edits, site management, and server management.

Unlimited Edits

Getting your everyday edits done by a VA that has to be hired can cost a lot. This extra cash that you spend on the VA can be used somewhere else.

With the unlimited edits feature that BionicWP has to offer, you can get the chance to use this money on some leisure activity.

The unlimited edits allow you to change website content, images, updating plugins, etc.

BionicWP has a support team in place that handles any add-ons that you wish to make to the site.

Totally White-label

All those WordPress experts and agencies who offer customers hosting solutions under their brand can benefit from this.

The white label hosting feature by BionicWP allows them to sell the BionicWP hosting solution under their name to the clients.

It will have no branding of BionicWP, so the customer will never get to know that it is own by the brand.

However, the customer will enjoy all the support that BionicWP offers while it is being displayed as owned by the agency or the expert the customer bought it from.

Perfect for Businesses/Agencies/Site-owners

Due to the BionicWP hosting solution's unique features for website management, it becomes perfect for businesses.

For instance, if a business purchases the complete hosting package with the additional completely managed add-on by paying the extra twenty-five dollars, they will be able to save a lot of time.

This is made possible as all the management work is thrown on the support team's shoulders at BionicWP.

With all this time saved, the business owners can spend more time generating profits and growth.

The same is the case for agency owners as they would no longer have to resolve support and website management issues independently.

This is because all of these issues will be handled by the support team of BionicWP.

Before this, long hours used to be spent by agencies on-site management related issues.

But with what BionicWP managed hosting solution is offering, it saves money and time and makes the website more efficient, thereby leading to growth in the business.


Now that we have discussed the management features in detail let's look at the incredible performance of the BionicWP WordPress managed hosting and how it is better than any other hosting solution out there.

A Google Page Speed Score of 90+

No matter which hosting solution you choose, no one will provide you with guaranteed performance.

However, if you choose BionicWP, it will guarantee you a Google Page Speed score of 90+, which is simply incredible.

A Conversion Rate Increase of 20%

The traffic on a website is directly related to the conversion rate of the website.

Therefore, an increase in the website traffic will simply lead to a rise in the conversion rate.

This makes it easy for BionicWP WordPress hosting solution to increase the conversion rate because the increase in traffic is positively affected by the website's performance, which BionicWP guarantees.

Since the performance is guaranteed to be great, you will be definitely seeing an improved conversion rate for your online business.

Bandwidth of the top tier with Google C2 High Compute Instances

If you look into the market's current situation, performance ratios of the best quality are provided by the Google C2 High Compute instance servers.

This is what BionicWP also offers.

The specs of the servers go as high as 32 core CPU backed by 128GB of RAM. As a result, users get to enjoy the most reliable and fastest server that is currently available.

FCGI + Nginx + MariaDB/MYSQL + PHP 7.4 with LXD Containers

Even though the cloud servers make it an incredible hosting solution, but this is not it.

The full hosting stack has a lot more to offer that gives it the label of ‘amazing.'

To offer incredibly fast server provisioning, BionicWP provides users with a combination of application-level and server level support with Linux containers.

CDN (Free and High Performing)

The CDN service provided by BionicWP to the users is it's own. It greatly helps with the distribution of the website throughout the globe, thanks to the CDN servers in all 6 continents.


Everyone is concerned about security, and BionicWP managed hosting solution for WordPress has made security a high priority.

It offers a full security package by providing hack proofing, frequent site backups, bot-blocking, IP whitelisting, malware protection, etc.

Malware Scanning on a Single Click

With the internet comes malware. Every website owner wants to know whether their website has been affected by any sort of malware.

Previously everyone had to resort to a third-party plugin to scan the website. With BionicWP, those days are gone as if it offers a single click malware scanning option in its own dashboard.

All you have to do is click on the “Start Scan” option, and a website scan will start automatically.

WAF Firewall

If you are running a website, you need to ensure that the site's traffic is properly monitored.

This needs to be done so that all clients are kept safe from any potential attacks.

For this, a Website Application Firewall is required, and Bionic ensures WAF protection to all the websites.

As a result, it is safe from any attacks, including DDoS, SQL Injection, and cross-site scripting.


All websites are prone to hacking if the security is weak. Moreover, hackers often resort to social engineering tactics to get their hands on the website's credentials.

In either case, the website ends up getting hacked. But if you have BionicWP, it provides users with hack-proofing.

This means that it has a strong wall of protection built against hacking. Moreover, if the website gets hacked, they will get it back in no time and in a perfect state.

Site Management

BionicWP WordPress managed hosting offers its users everything, including theme, website edits, plugin, and core updates, and frequent site maintenance on a regular basis.

All of this is to offer efficient site management so that the site owner faces no issues.

Plugin, Core, and Theme Updates

If a user wishes to update the core, plugin, or theme on the site, the BionicWP enables them to make all of the updates at the same time via a single button that says, “Update All.” A click on this and everything will be updated.

In case an error occurs on any update, the asset goes back to its original version.

If you wish to update all of these individually then, BionicWP also allows you to do so.

Regular Speed Monitoring

The team at BionicWP ensures that all of their clients get perfectly working websites at all times.

To make this possible, the site gets regular speed monitoring to ensure maximum performance.

This helps them to point out issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

Site Edits (Unlimited)

An important feature that makes BionicWP stand out from the rest is the limitless site edits it has to offer.

To avail of this feature, customers have to pay just $25.

This small amount ends up getting them 30 minutes of unlimited site edits for the whole month.

Staging Environment

It often happens that you want to introduce a change to your website. Now having a trial run of this change on your website that is live can go the wrong way and significantly damage the business's reputation.

To counter this issue, BionicWP hosting solution provides users with the Staging Environment.

This allows users to have a clone of their live website that they can make any changes to for testing.

As a result, you can run all the beta and alpha trials, and once you are satisfied, the end version can be applied to the live website.

White-Label Support

The white-label support by BionicWP is an incredible option for development agencies who need to offer their clients a hosting solution.

If the agency has BionicWP white label support and their client needs a hosting solution, they can offer them BionicWP, and the client will never find out that BionicWP owns it.

Instead, the client will know that the agency owns the hosting solution.

As a result, an agency can sell the incredible hosting features of BionicWP under its own brand name.

Security and Performance Tests

Now that we are familiar with all the fantastic features BionicWP has to offer, let's see how its security and performance do when tested.

To get accurate results, I will use the most efficient testing tools currently popular and available in the market.

Pingdom Speed Testing

Pingdom has a reputation for being an incredible performance and speed testing tool for hosting solutions. Let's get right into the performance of a BionicWP hosting solution using this tool.

The server used is: Iowa

Pingdom Result Before CDN and Nitropack

This test result is before CDN or Nitropack was enabled.

Let's see how much it improves when either of the features is enabled.

Pingdom Result After CDN and Nitropack

Enabling the features has significantly reduced the loading time. Moreover, it has also improved performance grade by six points.

If you are new to the world of managed hosting solutions, these results are just top-notch!

GTMetrix Speed Testing

I have chosen GTMetrix as it has a reputation for being one of the best recommenders for site performance and site analysis.

Let's check out the performance of the BionicWP site using this tool.

GTMetrix Speed Testing Before CDN and Nitropack

The results that you are seeing above are before I enabled either Nitropack or CDN.

GTMetrix Speed Testing After CDN and Nitropack

After having enabled the features, we see a significant reduction in LCP. This shows that CDN and Nitropack are incredible features that have done their magic.

Quttera Security Test

Here is a security test report from Quttera. The report shows that the BionicWP website has no malware and ensures that BionicWP hosted website is nothing but clean.

Quttera Security Test

BionicWP Managed Hosting Solution Price

The starting price of the BionicWP hosting solution is $27.5.

It is important to note that this price is just for one website. If you are someone who needs managed hosting for more than just one website, then the cost will decrease drastically.

BionnicWP One Site Price

For example, if you get hosting for five websites, the total cost will be $112.5.

This means that for each website, the cost came down to $22.5. As a result, the more websites you get hosting for, the lesser it will cost you.

BionicWP Five Sites Price

If you compare this to other hosting companies, they have their costs based on the tier structure, which always puts the client at a disadvantage.

As a result, with the costing structure offered by BionicWP managed host solution, users only bear the cost for the websites they get hosted.

What Customers think of BionicWP Hosting

It is important to consider what the already existing users of BionicWP managed hosting solution think of it. From what we see in the screenshot, they seem pretty happy.

BionicWP Customer Feedback
Screengrab taken from a YouTube Video

Anyone who wishes to administer a website would want it to perform well. Thereby, they would look for the best hosting solution available in the market.

They would want it to be extremely fast, have responsive support, high security and scalability, as well as a perfect performance.

All of this is possible with BionicWP hosting. This is because of the incredible features it offers.

Most website administrators who purchase the BionicWP hosting solution are assured a guaranteed speed during the test they carry out.

They become a user when the website in question gets a test score that crosses 90+. As a result of this BionicWP continues to see an increase in its user base.

They have made this possible by following the motto, “Customer always comes first.

Let's now look at some evidence that vouches for performance that is incredibly fast and excellent customer support.

BionicWP Performance Test

To have insights into the detailed analysis check out the speed results page of BionicWP.

Try BionicWP for FREE!

BionicWP Comparison with Other Managed Hosting Solutions

It is now time to have a look at a comparison of BionicWP with other managed hosting solutions that are its direct competitors.

Kinsta vs BionicWP

The following table shows a comparison that provides evidence that BionicWP is the perfect alternative to Kinsta!

Features Kinsta Bionic WP
Cost 30 27.5
CDN Yes Yes
Trial Run Before Purchase? No Yes
Free Migrations Yes Yes
Guaranteed Google Page Speed No Yes
Round the clock Ticket Support Yes Yes
Managed Core Updates for WordPress No Yes
Performance Optimizations (Unlimited) No Yes
Site Edits (Unlimited) No Yes
SSL Yes Yes

From the above comparison of BionicWP with Kinsta, it is clearly evident that BionicWP is far better with the features it has to offer.

Try BionicWP for FREE!

WPEngine vs BionicWP

Let's see if BionicWP retains its winning position against WPEngine as well.

Features WPEngine BionicWP
Cost 30 27.5
Free Migrations Yes Yes
Guaranteed Google Page Speed No Yes
SSL Yes Yes
Site Edits (Unlimited) No Yes
Trial Run Before Purchase? No Yes
CDN Yes Yes
Managed WordPress Core Updates No Yes
Round the clock Ticket Support Yes Yes
Performance Optimizations (Unlimited) No Yes

BionicWP has made sure that it offers customers everything that others are offering and much more than that.

The feature that makes it stand out the most from the rest is the unlimited website edits, as any other hosting solution does not provide this feature.

Moreover, the fact that you can try BionicWP before making the purchase is an incredible option and proves that BionicWP is confident in its offering.

Try BionicWP for FREE!

The Final Verdict: BionicWP managed hosting solution has taken the game to the Another Level

BionicWP, with its features and incredible service, has given the field of managed hosting solution a new direction.

It has made the addition of edits at the application-level side by side the server level updates, which other hosting solutions do not provide.

Currently, all other hosting solutions available in the market cannot surpass BionicWP in terms of features and service.

The cherry on the icing is that all of this comes at even a lower price level.

So, if you are out in the market looking for the best managed hosting solution, look no further! BionicWP is the best you will get!

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Suresh Patel
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