HostGator Hosting Review – Is It Worth Your Money? (2020 User Reviews)
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HostGator Hosting Review – Is It Worth Your Money? (2020 User Reviews)

One of the most trendy jobs nowadays is having an online business, such as a blog or a website. When sufficient effort is put, online mediums can yield a fair amount, and one can lead a luxurious life of the income. The hard bit is becoming visible and getting that exposure so that your website gets interaction and recognition. The struggle is inevitable in such situations, the initial management of a website is hard, but web hosting services can help. No wonder when we are talking about web hosting services, HostGator takes the crown for being the best.

A web hosting service that helps make an individual or an organization’s website accessible via the world wide web. The space provided to the website is either bought or leased by the clients. HostGator is one such web hosting company that has helped multiple websites get visibility and presence online. HostGator is one of the most famous hosting companies currently available and is the first choice for many. Today we will review HostGator and talk about what makes the best hosting company in the world, the best.

We will take a look at all the features and perks that HostGator takes pride in. We will see for ourselves if their claims are valid or not and give you the most honest review. We will cover the following aspects:

  • Features: What are the multiple features that can help you in creating and managing your website?
  • Performance: How well does the company perform, and how exactly does that help your website?
  • Customer Service: What are your options when the site crashes or the expectations are not met? How do you reach the company?
  • Usability: How user-friendly is the hosting company? Does one have to have the excellent technical knowledge to use the services?
  • Reliability: Is the hosting service completely reliable? Do website holders need extra precaution or support while using the company’s services?
  • Free Migration: How can a website migrate from one plan to another? What are the eligibility criteria?
  • Pricing: Are the services provided by the company affordable? Is the investment worth it? Is there a cheaper alternative with the same or better results?
  • Overall: What is the overall verdict for the web hosting company? Are there competitors who can provide better services?

We will find out the answer to all of these questions and let you know what we honestly think. Let us now jump into the topic without any more delay!

HostGator Hosting Reviews 2020 What’s up With HostGator? Is It Worth Your Money. Why?

HostGator: The Origins

In October 2002, an ambitious and smart student of Florida Atlantic University, Brent Oxley, founded HostGator. The company aimed to provide the best servers for websites and help them grow. The first office of the company was in Boca Raton, Florida and later, the office shifted to Houston, Texas. HostGator got their first office in 2006 and soon after, they opened their first international office in Canada. Within two years, HostGator was in the list of fastest-growing companies, ranking 21st in the US.

HostGator Hosting Review

By 2008, HostGator started providing unlimited offers and increased its staff, increasing its sales by 30%. 2011 witnessed HostGator going global with their office and operations in India and other nations. HostGator was sold off to Endurance International Group in 2012, at an estimated price of $299.8 million. HostGator has since only kept growing, adding more services and features to become the best possible in the game. 18 years later, this company is now one of the leading service providers globally and is trusted by millions.

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HostGator Hosting Plans

HostGator has multiple packages and hosting plans; these HostGator hosting plans are all enriched with various features. These features give websites the boost needed for best performance worldwide. The numerous plans and features are:

# The Best at Saving Pennies: Shared Web Hosting

HostGator Shared Hosting Review

The best plan for beginners is the HostGator Shared Hosting plan. In our HostGator Cheap Hosting review, we will discuss features of the same. One website shares its resources with the new websites in the same space or server in this plan. HostGator shared hosting is a good option for a website that has low traffic and is new. The website can upgrade to other plans as they grow in size and traffic. There are three sub-branches to this plan that the user can use as needed.

Hatchling, which enables the hosting of just one website, comes with standard features. Baby, which allows the user to host unlimited sites, add-ons such as private SSLs are available with the hatchling features. Lastly, Business, that is good for new businesses that want to establish e-commerce. The plan has a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP for the same.

  • Free site builder with $100 for Google ads and Bing ads credit.
  • One-click WordPress installation.
  • Unmetered disk space.
  • Affordably priced.

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# Most Suitable for Bloggers: WordPress Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting Review

We will start by HostGator WordPress Hosting review, the shared hosting plan for websites that are powered by WordPress. HostGator managed WordPress hosting plans for a long time now and it is a plan worth considering. The HostGator managed WordPress plan includes a lot of features that we shall discuss today.

The services optimize the website’s performance while simultaneously protecting the website from WordPress hackers’ expected attacks. The HostGator WordPress hosting plan includes these special features apart from the usual shared hosting features.

The managed WordPress hosting has an interface dedicated to minimizing complications on WordPress sites. Increasing usability and eliminating major complications. The easy to use cPanel interface makes it convenient to back-up one’s WordPress sites. One can also manage traffic spikes and their email IDs with the interface. This plan has 100% free migration as is every other plan.

  • Provides great speed up to 500k visitors per month.
  • Is 2.5 times faster.
  • 1GB Backup
  • Unmetered Disk space.

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# The Affordably Exclusive: Virtual Private Server

HostGator VPS Hosting Review

Up next is the HostGator VPS hosting review, here we talk all about HostGator’s VPS server. The combination of a cloud host and a shared host is the virtual private server. The HostGator VPS hosting plan essentially gives one the resources of a shared host but in a private server on the cloud. The websites that are growing and have relatively high traffic spikes should go for this plan.

The entry-level VPS nodes gives one the flexibility and significant performance at a cheap rate. The VPS server hardware infrastructure is constantly improved with help from companies like AMD and Intel. The hosting plan also has an off-site backup for the site’s data so that no mishap can change the way things rolled.

  • About 40 million CPUs.
  • Two IP addresses.
  • Till 8GB RAM.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

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# The Most Exclusive: Dedicated Server Hosting

HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting Review

Now, the HostGator Dedicated Hosting Review will be a delight sheerly for its features. The most independent websites should go for HostGator’s Dedicated hosting, as there is complete autonomy. HostGator’s dedicated hosting plan gives a website its own server, with no other site taking a share. The idea might seem very liberating, but it also demands responsible and learner moderators to handle the site.

The hosting plan also provides the users with a data center level DDOS protection and an IP-based Firewall. Making sure there is optimum protection for your website and no worries about data being hacked or stolen.

  • 40 to 80 million CPU.
  • 8GB to 30GB RAM.
  • Smooth operation on Linux and Windows OS.
  • Affordably priced.

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# The Best for Extra Income: Reseller Hosting

HostGator Reseller Hosting Review

Lastly, the HostGator Reseller hosting review, giving you an elaborate account of HostGator’s reseller hosting services. HostGator Reseller Hosting plan is the kind that a user can use on behalf of other clients. As in, one website holder can manage the website of their clients.

This is a second-hand income opportunity and can be used to make a few extra bucks. Features like SSL certificates, and domains, along with the services that best fit the client’s needs, makes the plan appealing.

The reseller accounts come equipped with private nameservers based on the domain name for additional privacy. The accounts further have unlimited FTP accounts, email accounts, domains, and SQL databases for your perusal. Lastly, the WHM panel allows complete monitoring of server status.

  • 60GB to 140GB disk space.
  • 600GB to 1400GB bandwidth.
  • Free client management and billing.
  • Several brandable video tutorials for the clients.

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# The Most Resourceful: Cloud Web Hosting

HostGator Cloud Web Hosting Review

A cloud hosting uses multiple servers to provide optimized performance and resources to a website. Websites that receive frequent spikes in traffic should go for this plan as it is good at handling broader interactions.

  • Shared resources.
  • Is two times faster.
  • 2GB+ Backup.
  • Unmetered Disk space.

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HostGator Features

All these features and plans make HostGator massively feature-rich and the right choice for any and every kind of website.

# Performance

A hosting service’s performance can be determined by how fast, and visible the website is on the web. Having a slow as a snail website that often becomes invisible indicates enough bad server performance. Having a lousy service does not only mean your money has gone to waste; it is also time to shift. The entire process is unbelievably troublesome and hectic, so it is essential to check for the best performance before investing. HostGator has terrific speed and loads your page under a second and is faster than 92% of other tested sites.

In peak traffic time, the sites still perform exceedingly well, with even 100 users accessing the website. The site starts slowing down oy after it exceeds 80+ visitors on a shared host. No matter the traffic, the site does not go down quickly and does not crash at peak hours. The site’s response time depends on how fast it loads the pages; the more significant the page size, the slower it loads. Bigger pages mean the pages that have more images and videos in it; regardless, fast load time is good. HostGator has a great load time globally, and with any size of the page, it is always under a second.

# 24/7/365 Premium Customer Support

HostGator Support Review

HostGator has one of the best customer care services available in any other web hosting company. The customer care services are active every day, and one can live chat or call to interact. The respondents are very patient and guide you through to solutions very carefully till you are satisfied with the answer. There is also an option for ticket-based email support, which would be suitable for you if you have time. The email system also helps people who have anxiety talking and better follow written instructions, although this is a slower process.

The owner of HostGator, Adam Farrar, fully guarantees each of the accounts himself; with a special ticket, one can consult him. Adam himself listens to your problems and tries to come up with a solution for you. We’re sure no other company’s founder personally comes to assist with issues the user is troubled with. The company’s dashboard also features a support portal, which has solutions to every generic problem faced by a user. The portal has about 700 articles and more than 500 videos to assist one with whatever they may need.

# Usability

HostGator makes it easy for a user to manage all their websites, emails, support portals, and Billings. The cPanel, which is extremely easy to use, assists in this task to make the management very easy. The user has access to several website scripts, all different from each other, that can be used in new websites. The one-click installer helps you to open a new website with these scripts conveniently.

HostGator is further equipped with HostGator website builder, a complete drag and drop builder. The feature is jam-packed with more than 100 templates that are mobile-friendly and easy to use. Lastly, the flawless collaboration with PayPal ensures smooth financial transaction between you and your customer with the HostGator built site. All in all, even a newbie at website building can access and build websites with ease at HostGator. The management of these websites is effortless as well.

# Reliability and Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator Hosting Uptime Monitor

We have compared HostGator along with many of its competitions, and no other company is as assuring. The factor that makes HostGator even more trustworthy is that the company is confident in its services. The company guarantees a 99.99% uptime; anything shorter than that will give you back one month’s credit. The company also has a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services or performance. The period of money-back is more prolonged than the rest as the rest of the companies have 30 days.

The overall HostGator reviews by customers on the performance are excellent too; almost all customers are satisfied with the services. The company delivers what it promises, and if their promise isn’t matched, they will payback. What is not to like about such honest policies?

# What about Free Migration?

HostGator Migration

Migration is the process of shifting from one hosting company to another. The shift is usually a process that requires money and patience, but the situation is rather different with HostGator. The shift is completely free and there are two major ways through which a site can shift.

You can either shift all by yourself with the help of a detailed guideline, or you can take expert assistance. The expert help will make your transition smoother and faster, all the while ensuring protection to your site. It is ideal to shift your site when the server gets slower, you tend to lose traffic, and when your host isn’t compatible with your needs.

Shifting sites also helps in preventing downtime, ensuring your SEO ranking is intact and your audience is interacted with. Usually, migration can be a hassle as one has to spend quite some amount and has to deal with the repercussions. HostGator can easily provide you with the smoothest migration experience that too at no cost.

# What is HostGator Pricing?

HostGator has relatively cheap plans, and with what they offer, the pricing is irrevocably justified. No matter which plan you purchase, you will be getting unlimited bandwidth and unmetered storage. You will also be able to create unlimited email addresses for your domain.

  • The Shared Hatchling plan comes at $2.64 per month.
  • The Hatchling Cloud plan is priced at $4.95 per month.
  • The Host gator WordPress hosting plan comes at $5.95 per month.
  • The Virtual Private Server is priced at $19.95 per month.
  • Lastly, the Dedicated Server comes at $119 per month.

With such pricing and unlimited features, this hosting company is easily the best cheap web hosting company for 2020.

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# Is HostGator Worth the Investment? Our Verdict

We can jump to a conclusion and say yes, this is the best company ever. You can blindly trust and invest in it, but that might sound like a biased opinion; why not recapitulate once instead? The web hosting service is available worldwide and can be accessed everywhere, on every device.

HostGator America to HostGator India, the service speed is tremendous, and there is no drop-in loading time. The websites do not crash even in peak traffic periods, and the momentum only starts dropping at very high traffic.

The HostGator hosting plans are diverse, and there is a plan that suits everyone who wishes to have a website. The programs are packed with several resources and features that optimize the website’s performance and visibility on the web.

The plans are priced affordably and can be upgraded as per the website’s need based on growth and traffic. The understanding of the websites that use HostGator is better than 92% of sites that do not use HostGator. HostGator also has a record speed that is better than most of its new companies.

The HostGator services are user-friendly, with multiple unique scripts that can be used to build a website. The various templates can also open a website via phone, not to mention the HostGator website builder.

The builder does the task of building your website, coming to the customer care services available for your perusal at any given time. There is email, call, and live chat facilities to communicate from, and the founder himself can assist on request.

Multiple articles and videos are available if you want to go ahead and help yourself find a solution. Lastly, the billing time is flexible, and all the prices assigned per plan is justified and affordable. A noteworthy fact here is that all the packs come with unlimited bandwidth and email id usage.

Perhaps the one thing that may be taken as a con for the hosting service is that nothing is free. The usual free domain that other companies provide upon signing up is not available here. The money-back-guarantee makes up for that since the payment will be refunded if it does not suit you anyway.

Keeping all these factors in mind, after this summary, we will leave it upon you to decide if the investment is worth it. We will raise all our thumbs and ask you to go ahead blindly, but ultimately your decision to make.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you read this complete article, we know for a fact what your decision will be. On that note, all the best with your website; we hope you achieve great heights and have great success in your field!

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In order for us to keep our business model sustainable and provide you with this excellent service, we require users to signup with our partner web host. This company is hand-picked by our founder, Suresh Patel, and they are known to offer top-notch service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a free trial for HostGator hosting plans?

Ans. HostGator does not provide its customers with a free trial period; however, there is a money-back guarantee if one does not like the services.

Q2. How do I know which hosting plan is the best for me?

Ans. HostGator has a section in its site dedicated entirely to the explanation of different hosting services. If those explanations are not enough for you to decide, you can also call their customer service. The process is simple, and they can advise you based on what you tell them about your wants and needs.

Q3. How do I get started now that I have signed up?

Ans. There are sections dedicated to guiding you on how to get started with your site as per the hosting service you have chosen. In case you wish for further assistance, the customer service is available for your perusal and can give you a helping hand.

Q4. What is the system for payment at HostGator?

Ans. A page called ‘Make a payment’ in the official site enables you to pay your dues to the company. You will find four options based on what issue you are facing, such as paying for the first time, payment error, recurring payment, or payment methods. You should be able to pay through PayPal, debit or credit cards, bank wire, or cheques.

Q5. Where can I seek assistance if I face issues with my site or the services?

Ans. HostGator has a dedicated customer portal apart from the main site, which ideally covers the solution to common issues. For unique issues, there is always customer support where trained technicians and experts can help you. The customer’s community is also there, which can assist a fellow member gladly.

We hope this article will help you to decide whether HostGator hosting will be good choice to host your WordPress website or not.

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