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Web development is a pre-conditional factor to mark your online web presence and to support it further one needs to have an efficient web development approach. A strategic web development process usually relies on the use of quality web development services and tools which further help in the entire tailoring of your requirements.

Web application development in today’s world is highly competitive. To build a position in web application development for most of the businesses has more of now curved into an aggressive arrangement but an appropriately structured efficient process can do wonders.

At Pixel2Pixel Design we help you achieve this!

How does it work?

Our Web Development measures are in sync with various supple Web Development methods. This includes planning requirement analysis, designing, coding & development, testing, and documentation, and finally construct an error-free application.

In other words, the web development process starts with a requirement analysis stage which involves a detailed analysis and discussion of the client’s requirements. It is followed by developing a software requirements specifications document (SRS) which provides a framework outlining the system’s functionality and goals after appropriate documentation the project is further divided into chronological milestones along with timelines.

The Proposed development stage is measured as the first milestone. this serves as the prototype of the entire project. Continuous enhancements and reworking follow once the web development process is initiated upon the proposal till the final completion of the project is done.

Our Web Development Services Includes:

eCommerce Web Development:– At Pixel2Pixel Design, our culture of innovating new things that simply works is the integral part that summarize our strong command on deliverance of quality eCommerce solutions.

PHP MySQL Development:– At Pixel2Pixel Design,we have expertise in the domain of PHP/MySQL. We efficiently use LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) Platform to respond to most of your customization requirements whether it lies with your website or with your e-Commerce Web applications development.

Coldfusion Web Development:-Coldfusion is a tag-based programming language and has the ability to support large database access in a web server environment makes it one of the major choices for practically all the programming associated with eCommerce.

Zend Framework Development:– Zend framework is used to make things simple enough. It is focused on building more reliable, stable, secure, and modern web 2.0 applications and services.

Why Pixel2Pixel Design?

Our team includes expert developers who are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of web development. We highly give emphasis to the requirements & specifications of each and every client ensuring the maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Our years of expertise and experience in this field have enabled us with skills that are necessary to create cost-efficient highly functional web applications.

Our custom web applications are developed in tested platforms such as PHP, Perl, .NET, Python, Ruby, and ColdFusion which is further amplified by the dynamic methodology of supple web development blend of these lends us the edge to develop customized web solutions that are innovative, synchronized and efficient for all business models.

With an extensive listing of satisfied clients globally and from different verticals we with our cost-effectiveness and expertise we can accelerate your online success and business venture growth.

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