Review: Is It the Ultimate WordPress Hosting Solution?
Astra WordPress Theme Review: Is It the Ultimate WordPress Hosting Solution?

According to the latest Google algorithm, site speed plays a crucial role in determining a website’s search engine ranking.

Therefore, when aiming for a higher position in search engine results, hosting your WordPress site becomes a critical consideration. To make the most of this aspect, it’s imperative to choose the best hosting company.

In the world of web hosting, there are countless websites and blogs running on various hosting platforms, each offering different pricing plans and services. When exploring these options, it’s essential to keep your specific requirements in mind. Rather than blindly following the crowd, thorough research of web hosting platforms is necessary to select the most suitable one for your needs.

Notably, the demand for WordPress Web Hosting is on the rise, thanks to the continuous enhancements this platform brings. In this rapidly evolving landscape, one name stands out: This hosting platform has been garnering significant attention for its unique offerings.

If you’re searching for a managed WordPress hosting platform that prioritizes speed and security, emerges as a top choice. It not only delivers impressive loading speeds but also offers affordability compared to other platforms. In this review, we’ll delve into’s features and help you make an informed decision.


Many users and companies have hailed as a premium WordPress hosting solution tailored to your hosting needs. Notably, is acclaimed as the only WordPress Hosting Platform that offers top-notch Managed WordPress Hosting along with free built-in website security. This eliminates the need for premium plugins or additional services. boasts features such as Automatic Updates, Malware Scanning, Built-in Caching, Website Firewall, and more. We’ll explore these features in detail in the sections to come.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In simple terms, Managed WordPress Hosting means entrusting your website’s day-to-day operations to the hosting company. Under this hosting plan, the hosting service provider takes care of all aspects related to the management and administration of your website.

Managed WordPress Hosting services primarily focus on WordPress websites, offering services that include OS updates and patching, security services, customer support, hardware management, and network infrastructure. This approach saves you time and spares you from the need to acquire technical knowledge, ensuring your site runs smoothly. is a prime example of an intuitive and straightforward interface that comes packed with numerous impressive features.

Start with

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? positions itself as an all-in-one, high-speed Managed WordPress Hosting solution suitable for websites of all sizes. Its primary goal is to provide optimized hosting conditions for your WordPress websites, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The inclusion of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which automatically caches your website in over 200 global locations, sets apart. Noteworthy features include ease of use, blazing-fast performance, top-notch security, a single interface, instant staging, Enterprise CDN cloud, and 24/7 support.’s Managed WordPress Hosting operates in three straightforward steps:

Step 1: Sign Up – Create an account and select your desired plan.
Step 2: Create Site – Deploy your WordPress site through Mission Control.
Step 3: Update DNS – Point your domain name to Rocket, and your website goes live.

WooCommerce Hosting by offers WooCommerce Hosting to boost conversions, enhance SEO rankings, and provide an exceptional user experience. Faster websites tend to generate more profit, and’s WooCommerce Hosting delivers on this promise.

This plan offers auto-installation, auto-optimization, auto-updates, website protection, and a dedicated 24/7 support team to address any issues promptly.

Reselling WordPress Hosting with

In the realm of Reselling WordPress Hosting, White Label Reselling is the most attractive option. facilitates business transformation through White Label billing/invoice features, offering benefits like payment gateway integration, customized invoices, pricing flexibility, order forms, billing for one-time services, and the creation of custom packages.

Pros and Cons of

When contemplating a hosting provider, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. These factors can significantly impact your website’s performance and overall experience. Some drawbacks may pose serious challenges to your business, while others can be managed or mitigated.

Here, we outline the key advantages and disadvantages of opting for as your managed WordPress hosting solution.

Pros of

– Impressive loading times.
– Free website migration service.
– Knowledgeable and friendly customer support.
– Free CDN and SSL certificate.
– Robust built-in website security suite.
– Outstanding global performance.
– User-friendly interface.
– Ability to add additional users and resell services.
– Automated WordPress updates.
– Unlimited free WordPress migrations.

Cons of

– Exclusively tailored for WordPress.
– No free domain or email support.
– Limited knowledge base due to its relative newness.
– Limited visitor and disk space compared to some competitors.
– Limited user management features.

Start with Performance Testing: Uncovering the Truth

In the competitive world of web hosting, every company boasts about having faster servers, superior service, and an exceptional user experience. At, they make similar claims, but we decided to put their assertions to the test using our own rigorous criteria.

Our Testing Approach

To thoroughly evaluate’s performance, we embarked on a comprehensive testing journey. Here’s how we conducted our tests:

  1. Account Setup and WordPress Installation: We kicked off by signing up for a hosting account with and promptly installed a WordPress site. This served as our testbed for assessing various aspects of performance.
  2. Dummy Data and Theme Testing: To simulate real-world usage scenarios, we loaded our WordPress site with dummy data, including images, all while using the default Twenty Twenty theme.
  3. Performance Testing: We then proceeded to subject our testing site to a battery of performance tests to gauge its responsiveness and speed. Speed Test Results

Our initial test revolved around evaluating’s speed using the Pingdom speed test tool. Here are the results of our speed test: Speed Test Results

As evident from the results, our website loaded in a blazingly fast manner, taking less than half a second (588 ms, to be exact). Stress Test Results

While new sites often exhibit impressive speed due to minimal traffic, we were keen to investigate how would perform under the pressure of traffic spikes. To accomplish this, we leveraged a tool called K6 (formerly LoadImpact) and introduced 100 virtual users over five minutes, each making multiple page requests. stress test result

In the graph, the green line represents the number of virtual users, while the blue line represents the response time. Remarkably, our test site maintained consistent response times, regardless of the number of users and page request rates. All of this occurred without applying any speed optimization techniques to the site. Response Rate Tests employs a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and a cloud edge network to route users to the nearest server, thereby enhancing response times. The time it takes for a website to respond (time-to-first-byte) significantly influences user perception of loading speed.

To measure response times for, we employed Bitcatcha. Here are the results: Responsetimes

These results are nothing short of exceptional, with our test site registering response times of just a few milliseconds across all locations. Uptime Monitoring

Ensuring consistent uptime is vital for any hosting service. We implemented uptime monitoring on our test site, and it recorded no downtime during our testing period.

In conclusion, our performance tests have shed light on’s remarkable speed, reliability, and responsiveness, reaffirming its position as a top-tier hosting provider. These results demonstrate’s commitment to delivering an exceptional hosting experience for its users.

Start with Features boasts a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition:

a. Unbelievable Page Loading Time

With a loading time as low as 395 milliseconds, delivers an exceptional user experience. Automatic content optimization without the need for plugins or customization guarantees improved Page Speed and YSlow scores. A money-back guarantee is in place if these improvements aren’t realized.

b. Built-in Website Security Suite provides a built-in website security suite at no additional cost. This unique offering includes Automated Bot Protection, Weak Password Prevention, Malware Scanning & Patching, Brute-force Protection, and Website Firewall (WAF), all ensuring robust protection without the need for extra services or premium plugins.

c. Backups and Restore offers both manual and automatic backups, avoiding the use of backup plugins. Automatic daily backups ensure data safety, with backups retained for 14 days. Manual backups can be created during maintenance work for added peace of mind.

d. Staging at Just One Click

Creating a staging site on is a breeze, and it can be managed from the control panel. This feature simplifies website security, automates core, plugin, and theme updates, and offers control over the auto-update feature.

e. PHP and Auto Update Features provides advanced settings for changing the running PHP version, offering flexibility. Additionally, the platform allows users to enable or disable auto-updates based on their preferences.

f. Cron Jobs

Unlike many Managed WordPress Hosting services, supports Cron Jobs, enabling automated scheduling tasks that enhance efficiency and ease your workload.

g. Migrations offers unlimited free migrations, making it easy to switch to their platform. Migrations are completed quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition.

h. Easy-to-Use WordPress Control Panel

The WordPress Control Panel, or Mission Control, simplifies managing multiple sites of any size. This single interface offers a wide range of features, including launching WordPress, user and file management, single-click staging, and free CDN integration, among others.

i. = Insane Performance’s performance is nothing short of exceptional. It leverages NGINX with optimized MariaDB and caching, backed by powerful 256GB memory servers.

j. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee’s 30-day money-back guarantee reflects their confidence in the quality of their service. Support & Customer Services’s customer support is fast and knowledgeable, offering 24/7 assistance through live chat, email, and phone. The support team’s efficiency is demonstrated by their prompt identification and resolution of issues.

While the platform’s documentation covers essential topics, it could benefit from improved visual representation through images or videos.

Start with Hosting Plans offers various hosting plans to cater to different needs:

Starter Plan

Starting at $30 per month, this plan is ideal for boosting the performance of a single WordPress site. It includes 1 WordPress install, 250,000 visits, 10 GB of storage space, and a free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF.

Pro Plan

Priced at $60 per month, the Pro Plan supports multiple WordPress site installations. It offers 3 WordPress installs, 1,000,000 visits, 20 GB of storage, and the same free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF.

Business Plan

For those seeking scalability, the Business Plan comes in at $100 per month. It includes 10 WordPress installs, 2,500,000 visits, 40 GB of storage, and the same free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF.

Agency Plan

Designed for managing multiple clients and resource-intensive needs, the Agency Plan costs $200 per month. It accommodates 25 WordPress installs, 5,000,000 visits, 50 GB of storage, and offers the same free SSL certificate, CDN, and WAF.

(Note: The pricing plans mentioned are monthly rates. Choosing an annual payment plan provides a discount of approximately 17%.)

Start with

Statistics That Must Be Considered

– is 33% cheaper compared to competitors.
– Annual payments offer around a 17% discount.
– guarantees 99.99% uptime.
– ensures 100% security.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is is a managed WordPress Hosting Platform known for its simplicity, speed, and security features. It offers an easy-to-use control panel and built-in security without additional charges. Pricing starts from $30 per month.

2. How does differ from other Managed WordPress hosting services? stands out by providing a free built-in website security suite, including WAF, malware removal, and other security features. This is unique in the industry.

3. Does provide real-time security for my website?

Yes, includes a built-in website security suite at no extra cost.

4. Which paid plan is best for

The choice of plan depends on your business requirements. However, annual plans offer a two-month discount.

5. Is customer support available 24/7 with

Yes, offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone.

6. Are domains provided for free by

No, does not offer free domain registration with any of its annual plans.

7. What features does offer in general? offers Managed WordPress Hosting with guaranteed resources and performance, multiple user collaboration, a global edge network with CDN, 24/7 expert support, manual WordPress optimization, performance enhancements, and more.

8. What are the pros of

– Exceptional loading times.
– Free website migration.
– Knowledgeable and friendly customer support.
– Free CDN and SSL certificate.
– Robust built-in website security.
– Outstanding global performance.
– User-friendly interface.
– Ability to add additional users and resell services.
– Automated WordPress updates.
– Unlimited free WordPress migrations.

9. What are the cons of

– Exclusive focus on WordPress.
– No free domain or email support.
– Limited knowledge base due to its relative newness.
– Limited visitor and disk space compared to some competitors.
– Limited user management features.

10. What are the hosting plans? offers various plans:
– Starter Plan: Starting at $30 per month.
– Pro Plan: Priced at $60 per month.
– Business Plan: Available at $100 per month.
– Agency Plan: Priced at $200 per month.

(Note: The pricing plans mentioned are monthly rates. Choosing an annual payment plan provides a discount of approximately 17%.)

Final Thoughts on Go with It

In the highly competitive web hosting industry, has distinguished itself by offering unique, extraordinary, and free features that continue to attract customers. This hosting provider is suitable for startups and large enterprises alike, delivering faster loading speeds, easy site management, and access to an array of valuable features.’s provision of free Cloudflare CDN accounts and SSL certificates is a compelling reason to choose it over other hosting providers. This review aims to assist you in making an informed decision.

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