Creative Minimal Poster Designs

Poster designing in photoshop is a great fun and have unlimited opportunities. Now a days Minimal Poster  desginig is a really popular trend. This kind of Poster designing is widely used in film posters.  Here I have collected a few Poster Design and there is lot of creativity and thought process behind every poster. So have a look at this collection and please write a comment if you wants to add in the list.

Mad Max


Comic Locations

Inspiring Minimal Poster Designs - P2P (18)

Santa Monica

Genis Carreras

Shark Week

2001, A Space Odyssey

Fahrenheit 451

Bridging the Gap



No X in Espresso

Minimal Aquaman

Planet Of The Apes

The Cube

A ClockWork Orange

Genis Carreras

Genis Carreras

Modernism Meets The Streets

HVD Fonts Promo

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  1. says

    Yes i like this collection so now i am going to save all these images for my inspiration to think more creative. Thank to pixel2pixeldesign.:)

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