Best WordPress Cheat Sheet For Designers And Developers

WordPress is the awesome and some of the best blogging platform. You must seen some of the best premium and free wordpress themes and plugins to boost your blogging experience but still for a few reasons you’ll have to be compelled to tackle with the writing of your wordpress blog. If you are aware of WordPress tags and codes, you’ll be able to simply do anything along with your wordpress theme. This article provides a listing of best WordPress Cheat Sheets that will assist you in developing your wordpress theme and plugin as well as this is useful in SEO of your wordpress blog.

If you are a WordPress programmer or developer, you might wish to download these cheat sheet and use it for your future reference. Specially, if you are into WordPress plugin or theme development, you may notice these cheatsheets terribly useful. Most of sheets listed here are designed for WordPress 3.0+, so you may don’t have any issues exploitation it with latest version of WordPress.

1. WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet

WordPress cheat sheet for designer

Source : Download PDF

2. Complete Wordprss Cheat Sheet

Complete WordPress Cheat Seet

Source : Download PDF

3. WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

Source : Download PDF

4. The WordPress Help Sheet

The WordPress Help Sheet

SourceDownload PDF

5. Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

Source : Download PDF

6. WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet

WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet


7. WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide

WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide


8. WordPress Template Tags Cheat Sheet

WordPress Template Tags Cheat Sheet

Source : Download PDF

9. WordPress Template Tags

WordPress Template Tags

Source : Download PDF

10. WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet

WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet

Source : Download

11. WordPress Theme Building Cheat Sheet

WordPress Theme Building Cheat Sheet


12. WordPress Theme Development Check List

WordPress Theme Development Check List

Source : Download PDF

13. WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist

Source : Download PDF

14. Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

Download PDF

15. WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet


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