7 Web Builders that Work Best for the Web Designers

7 Web Builders that Work Best for the Web Designers

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Website builders advertise that anyone, with no experience in design and development, can create a website with them. If they are so great, why aren’t the web designers out of work yet? In most cases, they become practical tools for web designers.

What is the reason for this? It is simple; a web builder offers an easy way to design an attractive and professional website for your business, but it is based on a template, and therefore, basic and indistinguishable.

Web designers, however, have the capability to transform the basic template available from the web builders to create something unique. It is, therefore, a good idea for a designer to use this tool to design a customized website that looks and feels distinct.

Here is a list of seven of the preferred web builders that you can use when you begin.



It is easy and affordable. It has an extensive and organized template library, numerous color themes and image editing tool. The template and content caters to 72 industry verticals and comes with a CMS where the basic changes can be made by your client.

Unlimited data storage, availability of SEO and Google Analytics support, interactive choices, Google Apps and so on make it a perfect option for a designer with little or no development knowhow.



You may choose the 7-day trial period to find out what this web builder offers. Once you do, you are sure to understand why it’s so popular. Upgrade to the Turnkey Packages, and you can download your source files, without a hitch.

And that isn’t all; it offers templates to suit different needs, content and photos you can use, store designs complete with shopping cart and PayPal button, and many others. You can also avail of webmaster assistance for customizing the design.



This is the web builder made for the designer. It gives you the opportunity to create and re-create the look of a website without any effect on your layout or content. Scores of templates and mobile compatible adaptive/responsive designs are also available.

Another cool thing about Breezi is that it allows you to visually edit CSS content. No need to know anything about coding. The image editor, FTP and DropBox sync option, and many others make it quite the ideal choice for a designer.



Whether it’s a simple website with few pages or a complex structure complete with an e-commerce site, this is the perfect option for the fundamental composition. The stunning templates are search engine optimized, but its best to add a little something to this.

The brilliant image editing tool with drag and drop features, the choice between preset designs or customized ones, the auto-publish option for blog posts, the built-in analytics and such other incredible features make this a good pick.



If your project involves creating multimedia sites, this is the web builder you need. With its easy and efficient tools, customizable layouts and great speed, this can be used to create websites and stores, which are mobile compatible too.

You can get a free version; but the numerous advantages are available only if you pick the paid options. What do you get? Search engine optimized layouts, photo galleries, social media tools, forms, widgets, images, RSS feed, blog, and many things more.

MotoCMS Website Builder


Building beautiful and cross browsers friendly website has become easier with MotoCMS website builder. It comes loaded with a slew of powerful features that include – wide range of widgets, drag and drop website builder, music and media player, HTML and rich content widgets and more. It just takes 3 steps to create a website with this website builder. So, try this and have fun.



Whether your client is a simple blogger or a big commercial establishment, Weebly can provide the basic structure for the site with equal ease in both cases. The template library’s not extensive, but each design looks professional and is customizable.

The image editor, e-commerce features, control over HTML/CSS, video and audio files, photos and slideshows, and many other characteristics add to its benefits. You can also use their website statistics tracking system or use Google Analytics for this purpose.


website builder pro

For a little price, you can create a number of websites with an unlimited number of pages. Every mobile compatible template available from this builder can be customized with a simple click. You can add content, use photos and upload videos with ease.

What’s more, you can design an online store complete with a shopping cart and product catalogue. You can also create forums, forms, chat rooms, and anything else necessary for your website.

With a little ingenuity, a web builder can become a designer’s great resource.

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  • You’ve got a point Michael when you asked this: “…If they are so great, why aren’t the web designers out of work yet?” The reasons are many, but one thing’s for sure, you can’t be a web designer overnight nor can you become a coder; it’s both an art and science. There’s more than just draggin’ and droppin’ that makes a website, that is. These are awesome suggestions, thanks!

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