WordPress Platform Is a Proper Choice for Your First Site: Learn Why We Think So
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WordPress Platform Is a Proper Choice for Your First Site: Learn Why We Think So

WordPress Platform Is a Proper Choice for Your First Site

Many have heard of WordPress, but turn their heads the other way when it is mentioned as an option for creating a site. But, when it comes to sites of small businesses, what many business owners do not know is that most of the sites used by their competition are built on this platform. Do you know why this is so?

First of all, WordPress is a free platform available to everyone. However, there is a big difference between a WordPress site made by an amateur and a WordPress site backed by an experienced agency/developer. And that is probably the biggest reason for what we wrote in the first sentence. WordPress may be easy to use but it is harder to perfect to the point that you can use it to create a unique and exceptional site.

Statistics say that 38% of all sites on the Internet currently use this platform. Among them are some of the world’s biggest brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, Vogue magazine, and many others. If that is not enough to explain why WordPress is an ideal option for your site, we will give you some more compelling reasons in this article.

WordPress in Simple Terms

For those who have no idea what WordPress is – it is a CMS or content management system. In essence, WordPress is a platform with the help of which you can easily place your content on the Internet without prior knowledge of programming.

WordPress in Simple Terms

With the help of this website building platform, you can change the look of the site, and again, without knowing how coding works. In essence, WordPress is more similar to programs like Microsoft Word, which is why most owners and employees find it easy to work with it.

WordPress also offers a lot of additional content that you can easily use to improve the look and functionality of your site. Because it is extremely easy to add new content, even digital marketing agencies and large business owners favor WordPress.

Why’s WordPress the Best Platform for Your First Site?

In the following article, we will give you some of the most convincing reasons to use WordPress for your first site.

It’s Free

WordPress is a free platform and can be installed on any site, primarily with the help of a digital marketing agency/developer but also without that help – of course, with a certain amount of time previously spent getting acquainted with the installation process.

WordPress It’s Free

In addition to the fact that it is free, and thus lowers the cost of creating the site, you are free to change the platform at your discretion. Thus, it is ideal for both regular company presentations and sites dealing with advanced online sales.

It Offers a Lot of Themes and Freedom in Design

Due to the fact that WordPress powers more than one-third of all sites in the world and as many developers, there are many themes available to you. Themes are collections of files that together represent the graphical interface of your site.

WordPress Offers Lot of Themes and Freedom in Design

But, by using ready-made themes, you risk getting a site that is used by your competition and many others around the world. Fortunately, advanced users of the WordPress platform can create a theme from scratch according to your instructions. This means you will get a website that uniquely represents your company.

Easy to Use

WordPress is an intuitive platform that is very easy to use, whether you are an advanced computer user or a complete beginner. At first, it may seem a little scary because it is not designed like some of the applications that you got used to handling easily, such as Deezer. However, once you realize that WordPress is very little different from programs like Word, you will very quickly get used to the interface and realize that it is so easy to use.

Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

With WordPress, you can access any article and any page on your site and edit them effortlessly. In addition, you can easily add new content such as news or a blog. If you need any help, you can find instructions and tutorials on YouTube or ask your digital marketing agency, i.e. developer, to show you how to use certain options.

You can easily connect your site to other tools, such as Google Analytics, to track site visits, visitor demographics, and conversions. With this information, you can modify your site or your marketing strategy to be more effective.

There are other options or platforms for this purpose, such as Wix or Shopify, which are especially popular with online stores. However, unlike them, WordPress offers you complete control over the site, while the other two platforms restrict access to only the necessary options.

You Don’t Even Have to Know the Coding

WordPress is designed so that you do not have to know the principles of coding or the way programming works at all. WordPress themes are easy to apply to the platform itself, so you will not need to know how to code at any point.

WordPress You Don’t Even Have to Know the Coding

Although there are many themes you can buy, we recommend that you work with a digital marketing agency or a skilled developer to make your site look unique. Experts will create a theme according to your designs and apply it to the site itself.

WordPress Grows Along With You

If your company grows or you decide to start selling online, you can easily add new features to the site. You will not need to pay anything extra or buy plugins that will allow you to add an online store. Therefore, the only cost you will have is the first price you get from the agency/developer and the annual renewal of the domain and hosting.

In this regard, if your site starts to count a lot more visits than at the beginning, you may need to improve your hosting package. However, when it comes to WordPress, no changes or surcharges will be required other than the cost of creating new features or pages, which varies from agency to agency.

WordPress Is An Innovative Platform

Unlike other platforms, WordPress is much more innovative in order to stay at the very top of the market. WordPress does things better and differently than others with the purpose to grow, which means that your site will grow along with it.

That is why WordPress recently added a new interface called Gutenberg that makes it even easier to create new articles and pages using blocks. Each block corresponds to a different type of content, such as images, text, titles, or videos. In the end, using Gutenberg looks like a jigsaw puzzle and gives people who do not have much contact with programming much more control over the end result.

WordPress Is Easier Than Others to Make Any Changes

We return to the point that is often crucial when choosing a platform for a site. Because of all that we have stated, it is clear – we will stress it again – that WordPress is extremely easy to use. This means that business owners will easily be able to control the content themselves and make changes as they see fit.

Using Gutenberg in combination with the intuitive structure of the WordPress platform means that you will very quickly and easily master the platform and use the site the way you want. Although better digital marketing agencies and developers offer complete support, sometimes you will want to add some news quickly and overtake the competition. Or, you may want to create a new page for a newly opened location. With the help of WordPress, you can achieve exactly what you want.

It’s Responsive

In 2020, your site had to look perfect, whether it is on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. Fortunately, the WordPress platform and the sites built on it are responsive, which means that they automatically adapt to any device or browser for viewing Internet content.

If the site is properly coded, it will be displayed on both the desktop computer and the mobile device without any problems, i.e. without losing text, images, or design elements.

It Allows Multiple Users

Another good side of the WordPress platform is that it supports multiple users working simultaneously. This means that you can add more members of your team who can contribute to the content on the site, whether it is writing news or adding images and other content.

In addition, you can determine who has access to what, so that only you have the keys to all the ‘doors’ on your site. This will prevent potential errors or attempts to access sensitive data. In addition, as an administrator, you can easily remove former employees from the team to prevent abuse of the site.

We hope there are enough reasons in the article to choose WordPress as the platform for your site. Hire a professional with years of experience with this platform and see a blueprint of what your site might look like.

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