Users First Design Approach – How to Make the Most of it
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Users First Design Approach – How to Make the Most of it

Designers really find it tough to detach themselves completely from the designing project. It is more of a challenge for a designer to remain objective throughout the designing process. Though we are all aware of the importance of following ‘Users-First design’ approach, designers find it overwhelmingly difficult to put a rein on their creative impulse.

Success of a user-first design is directly linked to the objective approach of the designer.  However, there are other things involved too like proper planning, sensible approach and meticulous execution of the project. Feedback directly from users multiple sources is certainly another great way to ensure that final outcome is going to serve the users and not to feed the ego of the designers.  But rarely does it happen.

And here are the reasons why some designers still struggle while trying to adopt the trend of ‘user-first design’ –


Do not try to be Cool

It is a fact whenever a designer is assigned with a new project; determination runs through his veins to make this project a grand success. So far so good. But things take a different turn when the designer starts making attempts to add some cool elements that will stand testimony to his creativity and his greatness as a designer.

Now, this type of attempt to incorporate coolness in the design ultimately undermines the importance of upholding the tenants of the ‘user-first’ design approach. In their effort to add some ‘cool’ elements in the design; they end up adding elements that serve no fruitful purpose. People may in general appreciate these ‘cool’ elements but mark my words; you will never be able to align these elements with the business objective of the website.


It is quite obvious that when you will be adding designing elements out of your sheer passion disregarding your brain altogether, the project is bound to fall short of making a long lasting impression on the audience. You certainly do not believe that you are going to get those people converted by adding some cool animations on the design that serve no other purpose other than amusing the audience.


Image Source – Self-adhesive stickers section of DBP

The point is, designers should always be striving for making things simple for audience and this can only be done when you are not anymore obsessed with that ‘cool’ stuff. So, focus on making an impression and that can be done without going overboard with the design. By using simple designing elements, few texts and a prominent call to button, you can still do wonder with your website and make the visitors/users feel good about the overall experience.


Image source

Ask Yourself First

If you are seriously pursuing ‘user-first’ designing approach, you need to be sure about yourself. So, you have got to ask yourself few questions like –

  1. Who are the targeted audience of the website?
  2. What the website is going to achieve?
  3. How I am going to help the website achieve its objective?

Honestly, speaking I have no idea how you are supposed to launch a website if you simply do not know who are the targeted audience. Without having proper understanding of the target audience and their demography, it will be more of a  disaster in the making. Do not let this happen to you or to the project either.


The answer of the second question holds the philosophy of the design. Unless and until you know the purpose of the website, how on earth you are going to achieve this. So, to ensure that the design and the objectives are in line, you need to have proper understanding of the purpose of the design.

The third question deals with something very basic. It is about how you are planning to design a website that meets both aesthetic requirements without not losing on the focus on the users.


Fulfill Your Commitment

Since you are raised as a designer, you have got to perform some responsibilities like offering a pleasing viewing experience for the visitors and making it easier for them to perform certain tasks like browsing the website easily, getting in touch, filling out a form etc.

Written by
Michael Evan
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