Twitter Redesigned Concept by Fred Nerby – A Digital Experience
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Twitter Redesigned Concept by Fred Nerby – A Digital Experience

Showcase of Twitter Redesigned Concept by Fred Nerby. He is Swedish, Art Director and Designer based in Melbourne Australia. He loves what he does and has done so for the last 12 years working for agencies and various projects in Stockholm, Boston, New York, and Brisbane.

As a director, he draws upon his experience in design, concept development, and team management to bring a comprehensive and creative process to all projects.

Through innovative design, he loves to challenge new and existing clients to push the envelope of what is expected to go beyond their imagined plan and scope. His ultimate goal is to inspire both clients and team members to consistently innovate themselves and strive to engage forward-thinking brands.

Twitter is a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information, and jokes in 140 characters of text or less. Twitter makes global communication cheap and measurable.

Profiles are (usually) public — anyone in the world can see what you write unless you elect to make your profile private. Users “follow” each other to keep tabs on and converse with specific people.

A conceptual approach, creating a deeper engagement and visual experience through content and communication between users, artists, magazines and new media…and all other distributors world wide.

Here I am showcasing Fred Nerby's Twitter Redesigned Concept. I hope you like his vision for the next Twitter redesign.

Full Screen Search

Selected Artist: Main Page

Tab: Favorite Tweets

Tab: Talking To

Tab: Now Playing

Private Messaging

Artists Talking to Artists

Horizontal Page Scroll

Selected Artist Transition

Detailed Artist Conversation

Visual Representation of Tweets

Custom Galleries

Sort Gallery By

Gallery Transition

Tweeted Video Playback with Live Tweets

Create, Share and Tweet a Custom Photo Album

Pinned Tweets

GQ Twitter Page

Follow Conversations

Visual Representation of Tweets

Pinned Tweets

Published Issues

Re-Tweet an Issue

Cover Gallery

Cover Gallery Transition

Follow Articles

Gallery Transition

Re-Tweet Picture

Marvel Studios

Tab: Favorite Tweets

Tab: Top Movies

Pinned Marvel Tweets

Follow more about his projects through Fred Nerby's Behance portfolio and Facebook page.

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