Top 5 Reasons Prompting the Selection of a Premium WordPress Theme
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Top 5 Reasons Prompting the Selection of a Premium WordPress Theme

As an avid WordPress fan, you might have spent a lot of time in browsing through the wide array of WordPress themes available over the internet. Well, there’s a whopping count of over 1,482 themes available in the WordPress Free Themes Directory and the number is increasing with each passing month.

With an incredible number of features attached to WordPress themes, it often becomes tiresome to choose the one that serves as the right fit for your blog/site. The easy availability of free WordPress themes may have kept you wondering as to why some WordPress users pay for a premium WordPress theme. This is what I’ll be discussing in this blog. Here, I’ll make you familiar with top 5 reasons that back the decision of selecting a premium WordPress theme while ditching the free one.

Prior to getting ahead with the reasons, here’s an explanation of what exactly a Premium WordPress theme is:

As suggested by its name, a premium WordPress theme is one which is available for a cost. It isn’t free and you need to pay a specific sum of cash for being able to download and install the same into your WordPress powered blog/site. Here, it is also interesting to note that premium themes don’t come with fixed standards or certification, anyone can actually build a WP theme and offer it for sale by branding it as premium. Typically, premium WordPress theme is the one that’s built by a professional web designer and cater to a specific market area.

With that explanation in mind, let’s take a look at the five best reasons that support the concept of choosing premium WordPress themes:

1. Quality counts

While choosing a theme for your WordPress blog/site, the very first thing that comes to our mind is quality. Although anyone can build a WordPress theme, the ones built by professionals definitely surpasses in terms of quality. Unlike a free theme, the premium one scores high on quality due to the following factors:

  • Clean codes which adhere to the latest coding standards
  • Greater number of color options
  • 100% Unique designs
  • Fully responsive with capability of loading perfectly on a variety of devices

2. Regularly updated for smooth functioning

In comparison to free WordPress themes, the premium ones hold a good level of reputation. Hence, the premium WordPress theme providers ensure to update their themes on a regular basis. They do so for keeping the theme compatible with the most recent WordPress version and ensuring there are no bugs in the theme’s coding. Since free themes aren’t updated regularly, you could simply end up wasting your precious time in tweaking the theme for a better performance.

3. An easy and convenient alteration to the site’s design and functionality

As a WordPress website owner, you might require tweaking your site’s design and functionality on a frequent basis. For those of you who aren’t technologically savvy, trying to make amendments to the free WordPress theme can be an absolute nightmare. Hence, it is recommended to opt for premium WordPress themes which are equipped with intuitive user interfaces that aid in making changes to the design and functionality of the site at the simple click of a button.

4. Enhanced Security

A large proportion of free WordPress themes available in the market are loaded with malicious code. This is something which is missing in case of premium WordPress themes. By purchasing themes from a renowned WordPress themes vendor, you can rest assured about enjoying a secure website/blog. Talking in a straightforward way, downloading themes from the WordPress Free Themes Directory will actually land you in unwanted trouble as you’ll have to invest a lot of time in securing the theme from the attack of intruders.

5. High-end support

When it comes to customizing your existing theme, you can either use a free theme or buy a premium one. If you’re choosing the latter option, you can rest assured about receiving high-end support on implementation and/or customization of the theme. Resolving free theme problems takes a lot of time whereas the problems faced during the use of premium WordPress themes are typically solved at a faster pace and with utmost level of convenience.

Going the ‘Premium’ way, choose a reputable theme provider

Although a theme gets the tag "Premium" as soon as its creator slaps a price tag on it, there are some premium themes which can be as bad as the free ones. Hence, it is always recommended to purchase premium WordPress themes from reputable theme shops which has been into the business of offering paid themes since a very long duration of time.

Top WordPress Theme Marketplaces to Find the Best Themes

Let’s take a look at where to find WordPress themes and which top theme marketplaces to browse.


So, are you ‘ON’ for Premium WordPress themes? I’m sure after going through all the aforementioned pointers you’d have definitely got encouraged to pay for a specific set of WordPress themes. Go ahead and you’ll come to know how exactly the premium themes fare as compared to the ones which are available for free.

Please do share your views/opinions on the above post using the comments box below.

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Jack Calder
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  • I do like premium themes. They work well for us since we’re primarily a production-based web design company (I want to develop my own some day), and premi themes always add that level of convenience you won’t find with a free theme from the WordPress theme directory.

    However, I want to emphasize your comment here: “By purchasing themes from a renowned WordPress themes vendor…” because I’ve worked in what I thought was a premium theme, and found hidden code for some spam online gambling site. This one was even sold on what looked like a legitimate site.

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