Startup Framework – Advanced Website Builder for Professionals
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Startup Framework – Advanced Website Builder for Professionals

There are times when different individuals or companies create products that change the way we think, work and act. It’s the same on the internet. Every once in a while, somebody creates something that amazes us and adds value to our life. And today we look exactly at one of these beautifully crafted products.

Startup Framework – Advanced Website Builder for Professionals

The Startup Framework is something that will probably make the life of many startups and other companies easier. And why not, even the life of individuals. The price for the framework might be a bit high, with a single license priced at $249, but what you get for it is nothing short off amazing. You’ll soon realize that the price is not that high at all.

If you want to better understand what the framework is all about, take a look at the great demo video they made. The lead designer and some other key individuals in this project explain what are the ideas behind and why it all started; and although they don’t speak about it, you can see the level of passion and excitement these guys have for the product they developed. This can also vouch for the quality of work the Startup framework stands for.

This framework is just like a website builder. But it doesn’t built websites the way WYSIWYG programs do. The framework comes with a set of 25 standard configurations that you can choose from and voila, you have a website. A professional website for the price of $249 is actually not much at all. But that’s not all.

Not only the framework comes with all these standard combinations, you can also create your own website built with blocks of design (code included) that you just put together. Do you need a website with navigation, parallax image, product features and footer? Find the four elements, put them together in an HTML file and you have the fully working website. It’s so easy, yet nobody thought of creating such a product before.

The framework comes with tens of user interface blocks or samples and what is more amazing is that all these elements are all designed in the same style, so they look similar, but they have different elements.

The general style is flat, which is popular, fancy and new. People love flat because it puts the focus on content, instead of other elements, and makes websites useful and interesting. And this is what this framework comes with. By just buying a single license, you have a world of opportunities at you little finger. You can create a bunchload of different combinations in a matter of minutes – you can have a fully working website up and running in an hour – and it takes so much time because you will be busy with combining tens of elements.

The framework also comes with some other elements; for example, there is this set of high resolution images that you can use for free if you buy a license. The framework is accompanied by full documentation that will help you understand the way it works, as well as get information about your commercial license and rights of use. By buying a license, you also ensure that you get free updates for ever on the framework and get support if you encounter issues.

The process of creating these layouts is simple and easy and everybody can figure out how it works. The files are also provided in Photoshop PSD format, not only in HTML/CSS. The framework is based entirely on LESS and all of these elements are responsive, working on mobile and tablets just as well as they do on desktop. This makes the framework even more interesting and exciting. I can’t even get close to describing how useful this can be for you.

Now let’s think of it. Creating a fully working professional website in the US should cost at least $5500 (if it’s under that, with some few exceptions, it’s probably a poor product). On top of that, you will probably want it to be responsive, good looking, up to the latest standards and also be delivered quickly to you. So all this adds up to the fee mentioned above. You can easily double it if you add a few more small things on it. Now I am one of the ones who tried the Startup framework and can tell you that everything that I’ve mentioned above can be found in Designmodo’s product.

The advantages are clear. You can have a website up and running with less than $250 in a few minutes. Considering the quality of this product, the sum is crazy. Nobody can offer you the same product so cheap.

Startup Framework – Website Builder Features

Advantages for web developers

Advantages for web developers

If you are a developer, you will get a lot out of this framework. First, you will not need to write all these limitless lines of code. Using this framework will allow you to have a website up and running right away, you will only have to make design choices. This means that your hours of work for a project will most likely be lower and lower.

On top of that, developers many times have issues with choosing the right design, as they do not have knowledge of it. But with this framework, you will be able to just play around with the design and choose the perfect fit for you. And in case you develop much more complex systems, Startup will give you the base, so you can focus on the most important, complex coding instead.

Advantages for designers

Advantages for designers

Although designers can make a website look amazing in Photoshop, we often have issues with coding. Buying this framework will ensure that you can create websites for your clients as well – and you don’t need to know much coding. This actually means that you can extend your line of business and offer much more than just plain designs.

Creating fully working websites will be much easier for you now that you have this framework. And if you know to code as well, it will be much easier for you to have websites up and running, as you can basically just adjust the block elements and create websites of your choice that look exactly how you’ve imagined them.

Advantages for companies

Advantages for companies

If you have a company, the advantages you can have if you buy this framework have no limit. You can create a professional, responsive and up-to-date website in a matter of minutes. And it’s not just like choosing a template. It’s much more than that. You can virtually create hundreds of combinations so that they express the same feelings you want your audience to feel. Long gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars of a website. Now your company can have the same product with a mere fee of $249.

This also means that while you run the website, you also get free support and free updates, so you will never have to worry about new technologies appearing or non browser compatibility. If you have no experience with websites and design, this will be even much more of a help, as you don’t need to write a line of code yourself. Just imagine the freedom of choice you have by getting this framework.

Your company will have a great looking website, which you got quite on the cheap and you didn’t need to spend time on it either. No meetings with designers and developers, no frustrations and no inflated project fees. You will be overwhelmed with the combinations you can create – have no doubt about this.

Let’s take a look at it again, before wrapping it up. First, you get the change of building a website just the way you used to play with Lego back when you were a child (everybody loved Lego, don’t lie to me!). This gives you the necessary flexibility, so that you can create a website that fits your brand and your needs. The quality of these blocks that you can use for building websites is amazing. Every piece of this framework has been rigorously prototyped, tested and improved until the final release, which is very close to perfection. Besides this, even if perfection is not enough for you, you get free updates on the framework for ever. And all that just for the small price of $249.

I am myself one of the first customers they had, even if I tested the product back when it was in beta. For this kind of work, developers and designers need to get paid, because they are the ones innovating. And as we all know, innovation is what drives us forward. I have no doubts, not even a single one, that this product will improve the way we create websites.

Now you’ve read this long, boring article. Trust me, the product is far from boring. And if you’ve came so far, it’s probably because you also think Startup sounds like something you might want to try. So go out there are give this framework a chance. You’ll love it!

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Suresh Patel
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