A Feature List of Three Leading WordPress Theme Frameworks
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A Feature List of Three Leading WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks make your life easy when it comes to developing a WordPress powered website. They provide a robust foundation for building a theme you've in your mind, with all the right set of tools to help you get started. However, while opting for a theme framework, there are certain parameters you must be better aware of to make your development endeavor more effective while letting your creative abilities shine.

Gantry WordPress Theme Frameworks

As more and more framework options becoming noticeable each day, you need to have an understanding of which framework ranks better and which is not. While looking for a framework, you need to make sure whether it can handle your project well. You need to know your chosen framework inside and out to gain knowledge of its functioning than others. So, to answer all these questions, here I am presenting you with a handy comparison between three top­notch WordPress theme frameworks so that you make a wise choice and find out which one works best for you.

When reviewing the frameworks, we will take into consideration the following key points:

  • Flexibility­ A framework should be flexible enough to help you achieve whatever you wish to. It must be robust enough to handle a project efficiently and comes packed with all the valuable options to let you perform your job faster and easier.
  • Responsive Nature­ Due to the proliferation of mobile devices, targeting a mobile audience has become a priority for online players. Make sure that whatever the framework you opt for, it should have all the responsive features built­in so that you can serve the needs of your mobile users.
  • User Experience­ The ease with which a framework provides for developing the theme. Here you also need to analyze how much available the support team is. Also, the options you need to play around while developing your theme.


Genesis WordPress Theme Frameworks

Genesis is a leading and fastest WordPress theme framework available with more than 86,000 users worldwide. This powerful framework is perfect for anyone related to theme development. The framework is bristled with a plethora of features that help both designers and developers to maintain the pace of their work.

Genesis has already gained significant grounds into the web development realm and keeps on reinventing itself to give you unprecedented control over theme creation. Launched by StudioPress, its top­notch code architecture lets search engines index your content, while its turn-key design provides you an array of magnificent frames to render your content.

Highlighting Features Include:

  • 40 custom design templates
  • 6 page layouts
  • Clean and SEO­friendly code base
  • Huge community support
  • Ease of development
  • Free update, unlimited support

Price: $59.99

Cherry Framework

Cherryframework WordPress Theme Frameworks

Titled as the most “delicious” and free WordPress framework around, Cherry Framework is the best way of developing truly modern and elegant WordPress themes. Fully responsive and easy to install, it comes with six custom post types. Also, it requires you to install Contact Form 7 plugin. In addition to these, it also features nine custom widgets ranging from Ads to vCard. Cherry Framework provides a much better way to personalize the visual appearance and functionality of your theme.

Highlighting Features Include

  • It's just easy and quick to install
  • More than 100 built­in options related to typography, theme appearance, logo, navigation and so on.
  • Amazing customer support

Price: Free

Thesis 2.0

Thesis2 WordPress Theme Frameworks

Although Thesis 2.0 isn't as popular as Genesis, it's still a great option for building a truly responsive, SEO­friendly WordPress theme. The framework is known for its awesome search engine capabilities and features an amazing suite of features and capabilities thus letting you create your theme in the manner most effective. The framework is perfect for both beginners and seasoned developers who want more than just a beautiful site. Thesis is all about three noticeable features. They are­ boxes, skins, and site tools. Skins will let you play around eye­catching designs you can add to your website. You can adjust them with the help of a visual template editor with better control and speed. Boxes are widgets that allow you to add functionalities. Lastly, site tools let you optimize your website for Google search engines.

Highlighting Features Include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Can be optimized for search engines
  • A handy collection of smart designs
  • Patent­pending color scheme picker for better customization ability

Price: $87 Thesis Basic; $164 Thesis Basic Plus; $197 Thesis Professional

To Sum Up

Hopefully, you've gained a pretty good understanding of the three above mentioned WordPress theme frameworks. Choose the one which lets you build a highly customizable website, with a user­friendly interface, and strong functionalities.

Do let me know in the comments which WordPress theme frameworks do you like?

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