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In the past we have presented our readers with some inspiring and well designed infographics to demonstrate this useful presentational route that many are taking these days for content delivery. By taking statistical data that would normally be dry and otherwise lacking, and designing the information in such a way that it becomes not only more digestible, but also exciting and somewhat interactive. So, here are fresh infographics. I hope you like these infographics and get knowledge from these visual graphs.

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Mobile E Commerce Infographic

App store Milestone 500000 Applications Approved

Sitting Down Infographic

Affiliate Marketing

What is Data Visualization

Look At Facebook and Twitter

The Present and Future Music

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

The Infographic History Of sxsw

Apples to Oranges

History Of Politics parties

Soft Drink Industry Structure

Resume Infographic

Visualizing USchina Trade Relations

Social Marketing Compass

Density Design

Show do Milhao

Art Of Listening

Bank Infographic

Earth : As Seen Through beer

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

Fork It Over

Car Land

World Game Stone

Social Networking Sites Dominate Sharing

Web Browsers

Boom Social Sites

Buying Whos Buying What

Journey of_Twitter

Us Travel

Green Report

User Model

Facebook Factbook


GOOD Magazine Transparency

Infographic the Social Media Effect

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AsHok Jain
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