Download Awesome Free Icon Sets for your Websites
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Download Awesome Free Icon Sets for your Websites

These Free Icon Sets have a common thread, they are all intended to web designer. These images are free for use, you can download them and pin them on your blogs and portfolios. However, no license is granted to sale edited version of these icon sets.

Minimal and Outline

This icon pack contains 10 action images including mail, author, code, link, star, article, embed, tips, share and love icons. Follow the work of Martin Maričák on his Dribbble account and on his website.

Download Now – Minimal and Outline

Flat Files

These images of the most popular files could be useful for files sharing websites. These files were designed by Kev Simpson, you can learn more about his work on his Dribbble account or on his website.

Download Now – Flat Files

Web 2.0rigami

Web 2.0rigami is an origamized pack of icons created by Paddy Donnelly, a freelance illustrator and UX designer (you can follow him on his Twitter account). The basic principle of origami consists in making an object, whatever it is, only by bending paper. This is why these icons have several facet superimposed one above the other.

Download Now – Web 2.0rigami


Publicons is a growing collection of finely tuned publishing and platform icons. Although it may seems trivial at first sight, it is innovative in the purity of colors and shapes. This set of freebie was made by Joshua Sortino, a freelance interface designer (learn more about his work on his portfolio).

Download Now – Publicons

Clear Icon Set

Clear Set contains 20 action icons including note, note-reply, email, iPhone, iPad, iMac, stats, HD and SD icons. Learn more about Design Deck work on their website.

Download Now – Clear Icon Set

Sleek Icons

Here are some graphics elements that could be useful for the navigation of your website. The icons of the second range was made for white websites and the last range was made for blackest colors websites. This sleek icon set was made by Joe Prince, you can follow is work on Dribbble or on his website: Admix Designs.

Download Now – Sleek Icons

Flat Set by Othmane Machrouh

This flat and bi-color set of icons was made by Othmane Machrouh, you can follow his work on Dribbble. I choose this one because it can be rather sleek on a colorful blog and the author/files/stars/comments icons are always useful for the navigation of a website. However, I am not convinced that these bi-color emblems are easy to integrate, this is why I attached the .psd and .sketch files to make the color changes easier.

Download Now – Flat Set by Othmane

Adobe CS6 Set

Blown away by the chrome and CS6 icons that Matt Rossi has created, he inspired Alexander Schutz to make his own. These icons could be helpful to specify the required software on a download website. You can find out more informations about his work on his Dribble account and on his website. Follow him on twitter @schultzaw to receive updates on the icon set.

Download Now – Adobe CS6 Set

Sketch Design by Pausrr

Heart, drop, paint roller, this set features many unlikely icons. However, some of these white vector icons could be useful for your website. This icon set was designed by Pausrr, a freelance user interface, icon and web designer from Olomouc, Czech Republic. See his work on his Dribbble account.

Download Now – Sketch Design by Pausrr

Flat Credit Cards

Credit cards icons are always useful on payment pages. I choose this flat set because these icons look clear even in small size. It was made by Ian Silber, follow his work on Twitter and Dribbble.

Download Now – Flat Credit Cards

Mobile Devices

This icon set includes the most popular mobile devices out there. In order, there is Nokia Lumia 900, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Nexus 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S, Microsoft Surface, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, iPad and iPad Mini. It was designed by Loris Grillet follow his work on Dribbble, Twitter and his website.

Download Now – Mobile Devices

24 Skinny Icons

Here is a skinny white icon set. It was made by Riley Tippetts, a web and user interface designer from Salt Lake City, you can follow his work on Dribbble, Twitter and his website.

Download Now – 24 Skinny Icons


The Impressionist UI set ended up to be so appreciated, the team from DesignModo decided to give it away. Even if Impressionist is a user interface pack,  I think it worth the visit. Indeed, it has some clear and useful icons. It has been created by Vladimir Kudinov and Sergey Shmidt, two professional designers.

Download Now – Impressionist


It is possible to enhance this list. If you found an awesome icon set I could add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below. In the opposite case, if you think that one of these icon sets is not awesome, mention it in the comments.

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