Contrasty Color Schemes in Web Design

Contrasty Color Schemes in Web Design

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Creating a web design with contrasty colors will allow for a better focus on certain areas of a web site. With a minimal color scheme, more contrast can be achieved and with the right complementary color, a unique and impactful visual impression is given.

We want to show you some great and inspiring examples of minimal and contrasty color schemes in web sites where only a few colors are used with a complementary additional one (or two). Enjoy!

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Linda Dong


Kettle – User-focused Design and Technology

Jim Hoskins


Benny Roth 2011


Klaas Co. Design & Illustration


Made by Vadim


Eddie Diaz Design


MacMillan Lynch

Phil Thompson


Sylvain Toulouse

Trent Walton

The Big Top

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Suresh Patel
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