Collection of 20 Creative Advertisement
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Collection of 20 Creative Advertisement

Advertisements are almost anything imaginable in the world of advertising, since it is a combined power of photography, photo manipulation, and computer graphics. Although all ads are not interesting or creative, companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising for major events. But only a few ads stand out.

In this article you can see advertisements from advertising firms and companies around the globe. They are selected for being interesting, clever, or in some cases, outright strange.

Sitting on Earth



Keep Your Thoughts Off The Road

Keep Your Thoughts Off The Road

Talk Them Dead

Socks Show

Love Him Like You Love Yourself

Tap It Get It

Waste More Than Just Paper

Travelling Fruits

Speak Like a Native

Lunch Looks Better with Lipton

Download at The Speed of Light


Anything To Anywhere

The Rubick PS2

Extra Strength Condoms

For Every Load

Make Your English Clear

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Suresh Patel
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