Clever Ways to Come up with Logo Design Ideas
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Clever Ways to Come up with Logo Design Ideas

You want to design the most unique and interesting logo for your brand. But you aren’t a professional graphics designer. So, how do you get the logo design ideas from?

Finding the perfect logo design ideas i.e. the one that just “clicks” is easier said than done. However, there are many things that you can do to make the job easier. In this blog, we take a closer look at some of your best options for logo design ideas.

Clever Ways to Come up with Logo Design Ideas

Get “Inspired”

If you are going to do something creative, then you need inspiration. Heck, even the most talented individuals including professionals need inspiration before they work on their next masterpiece (if you read about how the most creative people get their logo design ideas, you can see that inspiration often strikes at the oddest of times). However, you don’t have to go to great lengths to get your “fix” of inspiration.

There are all kinds of websites and blogs dedicated to trending logo designs, typography, etc. which you can check out. The following are some of the best examples:

  • Creative Bloq
  • Pinterest
  • Logo of the Day
  • Moat

Use Apps for Logo Design Ideas

There are all kinds of creative inspiration apps that you can use to brainstorm logo designs. Some of these are:

  • iDesign: Want a take a simplistic approach towards logo design? Try this iPhone app which allows you to draw amazing designs by only using your fingers. When you are on the move and logo design ideas come into your mind, you can draw their sketches on your phones easily and conveniently.
  • Font Candy: If you already have a few logo design ideas but want to experiment with different fonts, then Font Candy is for you. It allows you to create captions and overlay them on your images and comes packed with a wide range of fonts to work with. Otherwise, you can also seek inspiration for the same in the 60 free and unique fonts for your next project on pixel2pixeldesign here.
  • Moodboard: Moodboard is a scrapbook-like tool that allows you to collect and organize things that inspire you. You can add images from your library or the Internet with a few taps on your “moodboard”, and you can even send them to your Twitter or Facebook handle easily.

Make a Free Logo

Clever Ways to Come up with Logo Design IdeasHow about designing a free logo to get the ball rolling? You can create unlimited free and unique logos with a decent logo maker, and so, once you have plenty of designs at your disposal in a matter of minutes, you can picture your dream design easily by actually seeing what kind of design elements resonate with you, and ones that don’t.

A logo maker is a graphic design tool that allows you to make a free logo easily even if you don’t have a background in design. Some of the most advanced services use technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning which do the labor work for you. So, all you have to do is tell the program exactly what kind of logo you want in terms of nature (icon-based, name-based, etc.), colors, fonts, etc. and it just creates the designs on its own.

Not only logo makers are a great tool for inspiration as they can create attractive and unique designs for you seamlessly, but they can also be used to create the final logo that you can use for yourself. They are really cheap, and perfect for those who don’t want to spend hours designing a single logo.

Check Out Your Competition

No matter what industry you are from, always remember “keep your friends close, and enemies closer”. If you look back in history, you will see that many of the biggest brands have co-existed in a duopoly- Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Nvidia and AMD, etc. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons why competition is good for business as the companies are forced to push harder and think out of the box. This idea can play a big role in your logo design as well.

To use your competition to your own advantage, list down the top five of them. Find their logos and put them all in one place right next to each other. You can then note down the features you like about each one and the features you think should be avoided. Since these brands are already existing, you can take a look at their track record and identify the things that have worked for them in the past. Using this information, you can design some draft logos that use the elements that have worked for your rivals. Of course, you don’t want to copy the features exactly in their original form. You can use a combination of different features and take your own spin on them so that your final logo looks unique and original.

Involve Your Team and Discuss on Logo Design Ideas

Clever Ways to Come up with Logo Design IdeasThe best way to brainstorm a logo design is to work with your team. Think about it- when you are working alone, your designs are based on your own opinions and ideas. However, when there is an entire team involved, then lots of ideas are bounced off each other. Since each individual can bring something different and unique to the table, you can come up with many interesting designs in just one session.

Bottom Line

When it comes to creative jobs, whether it’s songwriting or logo designing, you can’t expect to get the best ideas in a short period. You have to take your time and throw several ideas into the bin before you finally land your winner. So, enjoy your brainstorming sessions but never settle for a design that’s less than perfect. After all, a logo design is much more than just a fancy image, it’s the face of an entire brand. Good luck!

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