190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part III
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190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part III

Guys here is the third part of 190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools and thank you for your comments and emails on our 190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part II. Keep reading….

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This is a complete image slider plugin that will allow you to set the image element to display, hierarchy and the default of the layer, interval when image is switched, the class of element that sets title of present image of sheets, of image and many other useful options.


This is one of the most dynamic ways to present a image gallery, it was posted on october 2010, it includes a tutorial and it’s under the GPL licence, wich means it’s free to use and modify and no autorship is required.

Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQuery

Easy and minimalistic slider, black frame create a simple and beautiful slideshow gallery that can be easily integrated in your web site.

The idea is to have a container with our slideshow and the options to view a grid of thumbnails, pause the slideshow, and navigate through the pictures.

The thumbnail grid will slide out from the top and allow the user to navigate through a set of thumbnails.

Sliding Panel Photo Wall Gallery with jQuery

This sliding panel photo wall gallery was released on May 14, 2010. The idea was to have a whole page full of thumbs with a nice light effect when we hover. When an image is clicked, a panel slides up from the bottom revealing the full picture.

When clicking on the full image, the thumbs panel slide back from the bottom. This effect will give the impression that we are stacking the panels on top of each other every time we change the mode.

In the full picture view we add some nice transition effect when we browse through the photos.


This plugin is not for iExplorer -has to be adjusted- the website is in portuguese, but can be easily translated with the help of the online translator of your choice. It was last updated on November 30, 2010. You shoul check out the demo website before thinking you won’t like it, won’t you? give it a try.

JB Gallery

Full page galleries are an absolute trend this days when it comes to webdesign, this is a perfect example and it shows you how to create an interactive, full page gallerie with thumbnails, and there’s nothing for you to worry about, because this great plugin is available under the GPL license.

jQuery SlideView

This is a jQuery plugin wich allows to instantly create an image gallery by writing just few lines of HTML such as an unordered list of images, it’s really easy to navigate, select the image number and go back and forward without delay. It was last updated on July 7, 2010. It’s also important to keep in mind that slideViewer has a lightweight (3.5Kb).


Coda-Slider is a jQuery plugin first released in September, 2007. It aimed to mimic the slider effect on the promo page for Panic’s Coda software. That initial version was hacked together, so the author made two small updates within a few months of its release.

Coda-Slider 2.0 has been built from the ground up, and should prove much more versatile and easier to use than its predecessors. Is available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both MIT and GPL licenses.

Hash Slider

This jquery-based slider does what the most jquery-sliders do, but adds a hashtag to the window location, so you can link to any content/position of the slider. Among it’s features you’ll find it’s easy to implement, full styleable via CSS, mouse wheel integration, direct links to slider position via hash tag and more. This slider is free for everyone and ain’t big, only 2,2kb.


This is a complete plugin kit done by Alan Frog, it was updated in May 18, 2011. This kit includes a content slider with modular elements, multiple navigation controls: buttons, mousewheel, image click, vertical/Horizontal navigation clip, fading and sliding transitions effects and more! Slider Kit generates a minimum of inline CSS. The whole skin is CSS-made, and it’s all for you.


This plugin is called Sudo, was designed in 2010 by Erik Krogh Kristensen, once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you’ll be able to receive help and feedback if you found an bug or have a suggestion for improving it.

Among its features you’ll find the horizontal, vertical, and fade transitions, bookmarks and back/forward history support, complete HTML freedom, AJAX content and others. This plugin supports IE6+, Fx, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc.


The Easy slider was designed by Alen Grakalic in 2009 and in it’s last update offers numeric navigation (as an alternative to next/previous buttons) and continuous scroll instead of jumping to the first (or last) slide

jQuery Plugin Feature List

The jQuery plugin’s feature list include a Slick effect you can get and no Flash needed. It’s just 2K, it’s reusable on multiple containers, it cycles items via slideshow and can be styled with custom HTML/CSS. Easy peasy.

Featured Content

This javascript is available on the site, includes different types of custom content in the panels. We can already put whatever we want in the panels, but to make it easier on ourselves, there will be a couple of different formats ready to go. The main one being an image the size of the entire panel, but featuring a text-overlay.

You can still click the thumbnails to jump to any panel, but left onto itself, the slider will slowly cycle through the panels. It also has an arrow indicator to serve as a visual indication of which panel you are currently viewing, a small arrow will display above the thumbnail pointing into the panel.


The YoxView is free to use under the MIT license and open-sourced. It’s also extremely easy to integrate, supports images, video, iframes in content, on-line Video support-play YouTube/Vimeo/Hulu/etc., the content is resized to fit inside the browser’s window, plugins to display images from Flickr/Picasa and video galleries from YouTube, skins available to customize the viewer’s look and feel, open the viewer from text links as well as image links, multiple instances in the same page may be used, language packs available, slideshow enabled play content automatically, compatible with all major browsers and much more. YoxView module for Drupal & WordPress plugin.

Thumbnail Preview Slider

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to create and use a thumbnails preview slider with jQuery. Since the developers got a lot of requests to show how to make the preview slider work separately from the full image view, they decided to make a tutorial on how to use the little thumbnails preview part only.

Image Highlighting and Preview with jQuery

This tutorial will show you how to highlight and preview images that are integrated in an article or spread over a page. This is a nice way to allow users to view a bigger version of an image that is relevant to some context.

It will also highlight images on a delayed hover and offer a preview mode which will enlarge and center the bigger version of the image on the screen.

Photo Stack

With this tutorial you’ll be able to take a bunch of photographs and transform them into an interactive 3D stack. CSS3 provides the underlying styling for this whilst jQuery is used for calculations and positioning.

Wanna give it a try? All you need to do is hover over the name of a jQuery team member and they’ll slide out of the stack. You can also run a short ‘snake’ effect on the stack by clicking the respective link in the demo page.

Hover Slide Effect with jQuery

This will helps you to create a neat effect with some images using jQuery. The main idea is to have an image area with several images that slide out when we hover over them, revealing other images.

The sliding effect will be random, i.e. the images will slide to the top or bottom, left or right, fading out or not. When you click on any area, all areas will slide their images out.

jQuery based flipped image Gallery with bounce effect

Here is a simple jQuery based flipped image gallery. On hover the images will expand. Its simple and stylish gallery. It shows a quite nice bouncy effect, however, it might distract from the image itself.

Image Rotator with description

An image rotator is one great way to display portfolio pieces, eCommerce product images, or even as an image gallery. Although there are many great plugins already, this tutorial will help you understand how the image rotator works and helps you create your own from scratch.

Automatic image slider with jQuery and CSS

This is an image slider in its most basic way, it simply slides images in a straight secuence. Although it was published on February 8, 2010,  it doesn’t need any improvement.

Multimedia Gallery

This is a quite easy to navigate gallery, you just have to see the image thumbnails and choose one, click over it and it will pop up in a larger size, is a easier presentation for navigationg when you want to show all the images in the gallery and also displaying each one at large.

Interactive photodesk with jQuery and CCS

This plugin isn’t precisely for images sliding, it’s more for showcasing all the pictures so the users can select and arrange them as they want to.

In this little experiment they created an interactive photo desk that provides some “realistic” interaction possibilities for the user.

The idea is to hove some photos on a surface that can be dragged and dropped, stacked and deleted, each action resembling the real world act.

Rotating Billboard Systemwith jQuery and CSS

CSS and jQuery to create the effect of a rotating billboard with two ads. The idea is to make one set of image slices disappear while another one (the other ad) appear.

We will decrease the width of each disappearing slice and increase the width of each appearing slice. This will give the effect of rotating slices, just like in a rotating billboard system, unfortunately this amazing effect is not working in chrome.

Sliderman JS

The sliderman slide plugin for image gallery  offers 3 demos that show you differents ways for applying this script in your website. It beautiful, its asey to apply, it has some nice effects and the download includes a nice explanation about this plugin features.

Fancy Hover Effect with jQuery

This feature is quite common, but applying it in differents ways prove that amazing things can be asily achived by using imagination, that’s how recently while checking out some nice flash galleries the developer came across an effect that really liked and had a sudden urge to duplicate that effect but using his bread and butter (CSS and jQuery). And now he’s sharing it hoping that more than one can find it useful.

jQuery Photo Slide Show with Slick Caption Tutorial

This is a really useful plugin for image gallery, easy to instal and customize. The feedback in the site is still active, and was last updated on December 2010.

By checking out the demo you’ell be able to have an idea about what are the features and what kind of things you can do with it.


This is a open source, available for public use thanks to the GNU license. It’s a basic yet, greatly done image slider. Don’t hesitate and if you like it, give it a try, this is a really hellpful and easy to apply slider plugin.

Cross Slide

CrossSlide is a jQuery plugin implementing in 2kB of Javascript code some common slide-show animations, traditionally only available via Adobe Flash or other proprietary plugins. CrossSlide builds upon jQuery’s animation facility, so it is as portable across browsers as jQuery itself (that is, a lot!)

Image Gallery with Fancy Transition Effects

The developer’s main idea was to build some ’strip curtain’ effect and started from that. But, while building this, some other effects just pop up and decided to adjust code and include some of those effects.

Now, there are ‘wave’, ‘zipper’ and ‘curtain’ effect, plus options that can be used for custom effect. You can see how it works on examples and documentations page.

PopEye 2.0

This great plugin is available thanks to the GPL 2.0 license. You can use it free of charge, change it or build upon it however you like.

It has an advanced image gallery script built on the JavaScript library jQuery. Use it to save space when displaying a collection of images and offer your users a nice and elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow. You can request a new feature or report a bug, there are specifics areas for each thing.

Slide Viewer Pro

The slideViewerPro is a fully customizable jQuery image gallery engine wich allows to create outstanding sliding image galleries for your projects and/or interactive galleries within blog posts.

Slide Thumbs

With this option, the developer wanted to explain how to turn old boring image viewer into a nice-looking one with jQuery. It’s simple just using some lines of java-script code. Implement this and enrich animation features to your web projects.

Multiple Image Cross Fade

This tutorial will allow you to learn how to fade list of images through each other in continuous loop. You will also add captions and tooltips to make it more usable. This simple effect is ideal for portfolio websites, galleries or magazines where images need to be seen.

Slick Content Slider

The slick content slider was originally designed for a computer shop, with the help of jQuery and the MopSlider plugin.

The slider is going to be generated with PHP and using a plain txt file as a data source for the notebook configurations, in the website you’ll find their twitter so you can follow them and provide feedback.

Animated Panning with Slideshow

This tutorial will explain you how to create an amazing but easy to do animated panning with slideshow by showing one image at a time and then sliding it to another, in this example they show four differents animals pictures. This was last updated on February 11th, 2010.


Tiny Circleslider is a circular slider/carousel that was built to provide webdevelopers with a cool but subtle alternative to all those standard carousels.

Tiny Circleslider can blend in on any wepage. It was built using the javascript jQuery library. There is no support…. but you could always try to mail them and see what happens. Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses. 05/12/2010.

Apple Style SlideShow Gallery

When speaking about design, there is one company that is impossible to go without. Apple values design – being a new product, a fancy catalog or their website – there is always something to admire.

If you want to resemble that great design style, this plugin will come really handy to you.

jQuery Image Scroller

This tutorial is for building an image scroller, using the jQuery’s excellent animation features and generally having some fun with code.

Image scrollers are of course nothing new; versions of them come out all the time. Many of them however are user-initiated; meaning that in order for the currently displayed content to change, the visitor must click a button or perform some other action. This scroller will be different in that it will be completely autonomous and will begin scrolling once the page loads.

Panel Gallery

This gallery was meant to create a simple way to take a group of images and transition from one to the other in a smooth, visually appealing way.

You’ve probably seen countless galleries where one image fades into another and this idea started like that, but evolved into something new, that’s how this developer’s first jQuery plugin was created.

It’s been tested and made it as small as possible without compressing it and it works with everything it’s been thrown at. This is a free jQuery plugin, distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, which means that you are free to use and modify it for any purpose.

Step Carousel

Last updated June 28, 2010. Step Carousel Viewer displays images or even rich HTML by side scrolling them left or right. Users can step to any specific panel on demand, or browse the gallery sequentially by stepping through x number of panels each time.

A smooth sliding animation is used to transition between steps. And fear not in taming this script to go exactly where you want it to- two public methods, two custom event handlers, and three “status” variables are here for that purpose.

Featured Content Slider

On December 13th, 2009 new features where added to this plugin such as keyboard navigation, so left/ right arrow keys now move glider, fixed bug with auto rotation when “next” link isn’t defined.

This script lets you painlessly showcase new or featured contents on your page, by turning ordinary pieces of HTML content into an interactive, “glide in” slideshow. For the ultimate in the ability to customize its look, the pagination links are also ordinary links that you define on the page, but with special CSS class names inserted when it should perform a certain task.

JS Slider

jSlider is a light weight JQuery plugin for content sliding. By content we mean everything: HTML code, Images, Advertisements etc. jSlider allows to put our content in simple div’s, and then it automatically generates a content slider for you, which one can customize using various options provided.


jQuery Gallery Scroller (jqGalScroll) takes list of images and creates a smooth scrolling photo gallery scrolling vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The plugin will also create pagination to allow you to flow through your photo gallery.

Shuffle between images using jQuery

Shuffle means changing the position between each items position, the only purpose of this plugin is the shuffle images feature for creating collage image gallery using jquery, and better can be added with rotating feature too. This plugin is under the MIT license.


This jQuery plugin will transition between images with a nice fade In/Out. It only requires a couple of lines of CSS and a regular jQuery Plugin call.

You have full control on the number of images, the delay and a lot more. It can play backwards once it reaches the end, or it will start all over again from image 1.


The purpose of Slider Kit is to gather common slideshow-like jQuery functionalities (such as news sliders, photos galleries/sliders, carousels, tabs menus) into one lightweight and flexible plugin combined with ready-to-use CSS skins.

This is the version 1.5.1, this plugin author is Alan Frog, from kyrielles.net and was regustered under the GNU General Public License. It was first release on March 26, 2011 and last updated on May 18 2011.


jShowOff is a jQuery plugin for creating a rotating content module. It works by creating ‘slides’ from the child elements inside a specified wrapper element on which .jshowoff() is invoked.

It then rotates through the slides, with options for controls, links, and more. This type of module is often used to promote pages, sections, or features on a site jShowOff is free for personal and commercial use under the MIT/GPL license used by the jQuery core libraries. This plugin was written by Erik Kallevig.


jMyCarousel carousel is a free, unobtrusive, very customizable written in JavaScript, based on the popular jQuery framework and created to suit a wide variety of besoins.Il to display and animate an image list to make your gallery more friendly.

It can be adapted very easily to almost any layout and how it animates the images is configurable. Among others, it provides these features configuration size in pixels, percent and number of images.

Multi browser compatibility: Firefox1.5 + Internet + Explorer6.0, Safari2.0 + + Opera9.0 and all this for only 4Kb!

Wait for Part IV of this article.  🙂  Keep Reading

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