190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part II
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190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part II

Guys here is the second part of 190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools and Thank you for your comments and emails on our 190+ Best jQuery Slider Plugins & Tools – Part I. Keep reading….

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Elegant image Slider with jQuery

The Elegant Image Slider was released under the creative commons license, it was last updated on May 19, 2011.

The creator knows there are a lot of jQuery image galleries out there, some of which are quite lovely (Galleria springs to mind). However, He’d yet to discover a really nice-looking, full-window sliding image gallery that is simple and elegant, and that also shows off the photos to good effect. That’s why he decided to write one!

Superdit Expand stacked Images using jQuery

This tutorial will show you how to expand the stacked images with jQuery. There is a stack of images that have very small margin between each image, and the slider have a function to make the margin larger, really easy to imagine right?

Animated JavaScript SlideShow

This is a quite simple yet beautifully done image slider, it has all the basic in a non flashy way so you can implemented in any kind of website that need a image slider gallery.

Boutique Slider

This is such a visually intereactive slider, it has a lot of movement and really doesn’t need anything else to  be added to it, that’s why the last update was made in October 10, 2010. In this last update some of the added features were unlimited scrolling and number of images, customizable optional headers, description text, hyperlink, autoplay (paused on hover), keyboard support, multiple instances per page and gives you 3 example styles out of the box.

Easy Gallery 2

This image gallery plugin was developed by Alaa Badran on March 13, 2011 under the GNU General Public License. It simply showcase the images one after another. It’s clean and simple.

jFlow Plus

On July 29, 2010 jFlow Plus became into an update to the popular ultra-light-weight jFlow slider released in 2008. This new addition comes with an auto slide an pause functionality and will be continually updated with additional features. jFlow Plus is an easy to implement, customizable and light-weight jQuery slider that is a great solution for you project needs. This is free software released under the GNU license.

HighSlide JS

Highslide JS is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, this means you’ll need the author’s permission to use Highslide JS on commercial websites but he will happily provide you support in his website if required.


This jQuery script was created in 2009 and includes a lot of the most basic effects, so is perfect if you’re just starting in the jQuery world and is really easily modified, so, go and see the demo, yoou might be interest in getting it.

Shadow Box JS

Shadowbox uses HTML markup that validates, so it doesn’t depend on phony HTML attributes in your anchor tags to make it work. It’s just as easy to run it as a standalone app, giving the developer a great deal of flexibility. supports a host of options that make it highly configurable.

Advanced jQuery Background Image Gallery

This is one of the most outstanding and beautiful jQuery based image gallery, it was updated on April 7th, 2011, it’s still warm and delicious! besides, the author is really interested for the users feeddback, don’t hesitate and become part of this group of users.

Slick and Accesible

With this tutorial you’ll create a simple slideshow script using solid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery). It applies the concept of Progressive Enhancement to ensure that the slideshow widget works without CSS and without JavaScript, making the script web accessible in most browsing scenarios. You don’t have to worry because it free for commercial and personal use under the Creative Commons license. Now, CC license wants you to attribute it with a link based on the creator’s requirements, but this creator requirement is: “You don’t have to attribute it to me if you don’t want to, although I’d be glad if you did”. How nice is that?

Image Slideshow jQuery Cycle

Image slideshows are a popular method of displaying numerous sequential photographs in web design. By making use of the handy Cycle plugin for jQuery, we can easily create a slideshow of our own, complete with previous and next navigation controls. Not a master of Javascript? Don’t worry, the Cycle plugin makes it a breeze to add slideshow functionality to your site, with only a few lines of code required to get things up and running.

Smooth Div Scroll

You can redistribute or modify the Smooth DIV Scroll under the GNU General Public License terms. It was last updated in 2010 and allows simple controls gallery, rotates, and displays an image by fading it into view over the previous one, with navigation controls that pop up when the mouse rolls over the Gallery. They allow the user to play/pause or step through to a specific image within the gallery. Last but not least, the gallery supports the persistence of the last viewed image via session cookies, so going away then coming back to the gallery calls up the last viewed image within a browser session.

Simple Controls Gallery

Each gallery instance supports a public method navigate that lets you do everything from go to a specific slide, move forward or back, or even play/pause a gallery on demand. It opens the door to creating custom controls on the page to control a gallery.

iTunes like slider

Developers often seek the functionality provided by sliders in order to fit lots of information in the space provided, but creating such a slider is not as difficult as you might think. With a little planning and some experimenting, you can create one rather quickly. Minimize the space taken up by images by making the slideshow’s dimensions the same size of a single image and then fading between them. This slider provide a vertical carousel of images on the side showing upcoming images, provide a method to manually move the carousel and the slideshow forward.

Tab Switch Simple

The tabSwitch is a tab/slider plugin for jQuery with which you could make a tab box system with the least of code and still fully customizable. Currently, you could choose from 7 different effects with 2 view styles and also hot swap the effects around in runtime. There is no limit what kind of HTML tag you use, you could move to next, prev tab or jump to a specific tab, all the controls could be anywhere in the website, on top of a tab, inside a tab and many others features, this plugin is available under the Common Development and Distribution License CDDL.


On January 13, 2011 this plugin was last updated and this update included horizontal, vertical, and fade transitions display and move multiple slides at once (carousel)  prev/next, pager, auto controls easing transitionsrandom startticker mode before, after, first, last, next, prev callback functions optional styling included and TONS of other options.

Fancy Moves

Wanna know what you get when downloading this? Keyboard Navigation (use your keyboard arrows to move to the last/next product), click on images to navigate, CSS opacity for rollover effect on buttons,  FancyBox built in for expanding images (left/right buttons on rollover for other image views) FancyMoves is a great slider to show off services, products, or whatever you can dream up. The main image is enlarged to attract your focus. There are three ways to navigate to the next/last item: using your keyboard arrows, using the left and right arrows on the sides of the slider, or simply clicking on the next or last item in the slider.

Cycle Plugin

The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more. It also supports but does not require the Easing Plugin. Unfortunately is not working in chrome, still you can post questions to the jQuery Forum. The Cycle Plugin is compatible with jQuery v1.3.2 and late Latest version: 2.99 (12-MAR-2011)

Image Gallery with Fancy Transitions Effects

Ivan Lazarevic main idea was to build some ’strip curtain’ effect so the developer started from that. But, while he was building this some other effects just pop up so he decided to adjust code and include some of those effects. Now, there are ‘wave’, ‘zipper’ and ‘curtain’ effect, plus options that can be used for custom effect, this script is available for you since June 2010.

Agile Carousel

This beautiful image carousel was updated on May 14, 2011, it’s highly customizable so you can build according to your requirements. JSON data format is used to provide easier integration with external data or data from your CMS. Use it for agile web development. This is an all new version written from scratch. JQuery UI effects and the ability to read files on the server are no longer included. New features are added, such as “Control Sets” which allow for a more customizable setup.

Start/Stop Slider

There are many helpful improvements with this new slider. It’s not a plugin, so it’s not as easy as it possibly could be, but it’s much easier than the previous version. There is a section at the end for customizing. The slider does feature a stop/start button and the animation goes a little farther than simply sliding to the left.

Bullet Proof Content Viewer

With this tutorial, you’re going to easily create an attractive and space-saving content viewer which even works with JavaScript disabled. By building a solid core of semantic HTML, styled with some basic CSS and  then use jQuery to add further enhancements in the form of transition animations.

Cycle with a Progress bar

Cycle is a script that supports image presentations to easily display multiple images. This script supports a lot of effects and the cycling of html elements. Presentation Cycle is a variation on the functionality of Cycle but instead of generating a list of numbers that are clickable Presentation Cycle generates a progress bar that shows when the new slide will appear.

jFancy Tile

This jQuery plugin called jFancyTile is a tile shifting image viewer. It allows you to tranform any list with images to a beautiful tile shifting photo presenter.


Supports photos, grouping, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content. It’s simply 10KB of JavaScript, the appearance is controlled through CSS so users can restyle the box, the behavior settings can be over-written without altering the ColorBox javascript file, it can be extended with callbacks & event-hooks without altering the source files, it’s completely unobtrusive because options are set in the JS and require no changes to existing HTML. Released under the MIT License.

Really simple Slideshow

This is a Really Simple to use Slideshow, it’s free to use under the MIT license and open-sourced, extremely easy to integrate, video support – play YouTube/Vimeo/Hulu/etc. Images and video are resized to fit inside the browser’s window,  plugins to display images from Flickr/Picasa, content can be pre-cachedand multiple instances in the same page may be used. Version 1.4.3 was released on May  17, 2011

JQ Zoom

The JQZoom is a javascript image magnifier built at the top of the popular jQuery javascript framework. jQzoom is a great and a really easy to use script to magnify what you want. Works on all modern browsers and the currently available version is 2.3. which was release on May 3rd, 2011. This software is licensed under BSD. After downloading it, you’ll be able to read the license inside the archive.

jQuery Slider

This slider will switch between slides using the fade effect. It was last updated on May 19, 2011 and will allow you to create your own jQuery plugin, as one of easy task. You will create your own image slider or any content, not just images.

Lite Content Slider Plugin

Jquery lite content slider is a really a light weight content slider with the ability to slide and any content with high customizability. Among the main features you’ll find that is Light weight,  cross browser support, no CSS and programming knowledge required, can add unlimited slides, Play/Pause feature and  can slide any element any where.

Slider Pack 2

This is a upgraded version of the Slider Pack, it has amazing features. In the DEMO page, you can switch the background color between black, red, blue and grey. The pictures shown in the sliders are  from an amazing game called Bioshock, that’s hot.


This is suchaclean view image slider, it’s organized and support several different kinds of content. The most outstanding features are Full API control with jQuery plugin, unbranded, vertical slides and gives you technical support if you require it.

Li jQuery Slider

The li jQuery Image Slider/Banner Image Rotator is carefully crafted slider/image rotator, full of features, very easy to install and customize. Whenever you need a full featured slider image rotator or you need a simple ad banner, li jQuery Image slider will do the job with ease! This robust and yet elegant guy, has everything you need to build your next “to-impress” image slider.


InnerFade is a small plugin for the jQuery-JavaScript-Library. It’s designed to fade you any element inside a container in and out. These elements could be anything you want, e.g. images, list-items, divs. Simply produce your own slideshow for your portfolio or advertisings. Create a newsticker or do an animation.

EO Gallery

EOGallery is a web animated slideshow gallery made with jQuery. It only uses basic jQuery functions and Cody Lindley’s Thickbox to display larger pictures. By the way, EOGallery is XHTML 1.0 strict valid and almost CSS valid, it has been tested on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 6 and works even with non-javascript and/or non-css browsers. EOGallery has been made for testing purposes, there could be bugs and strange behaviors. Enjoy trying it!

jQuery WaterWheel Carousel

This jQuery plugin can display images with a cascading waterfall effect. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, and custom events can fired when an image rotates into the center or is clicked. The callback functions can be used to programatically trigger Lightbox-type effects, or load specific content into another region of the website, as you can see there are a lot of possibilities here. Works in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and IE7+.

jQuery tiny Slider

This is one of the fresher jQuery there out there in the net, it was launched this year and they’ve already done four upgrades, the last one was on March 15, 2011, so probably in a few months they’ll deliver a new one, however, this tiny slider is so neat, i can’t imagine what could this guys improve in it!


ImageCloud is a jQuery plug-in based on Google’s Doodle designed for the Christmas holidays on 2010. Basically it was a bunch of frames with images that, when you mouse over, grow to their real size, it’s one more plugin inspired by the google doodle, so we must keep out eye on what’s google cooking!

3D Gallery view

An amazing system displays images with 3D effects. The plugin allows you to display a series of pictures in a box defined and edited in random order. The images will be set in space in order to ensure that they are completely hidden (if not a rare overlap between the smaller images), then they will move when the mouse moves, creating a nice 3D effect. There will be a game of shadows and transparencies to make  everything as realistic as possible.

PrettySimple Content  Slider

With this you will create an auto-playing content slider with jQuery and CSS3. The idea is to alter the background image and to slide in the heading and the description. By clicking on one of the menu items, the auto-play function is stopped and the respective content slides out.

Content Flow

ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM/ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can handle any kind of content. It supports all new and old major and not so major browsers. It’s distributed under the MIT License. With ContentFlow it is now possible to have any number of flows within one web-page. Each separately configurable, satisfying different visual needs. You are free to define your own methods for displaying content and interacting with it. You can control all aspects of the flow without loosing the ease of use.

Open source Flickr Gallery

The FlickrGallery is an open-source photo gallery for jQuery that allows you to dynamically pull images from a photoset in Flickr. You can also dynamically grow or shrink the gallery area, depending on the size of the images and to offer a lightbox effect for small images. However, all of these functionalities can be turned off. If Flickr is turned off, a standard unordered-list with images can be provided to use just the photo gallery functionality. Once the gallery is added to a website, the code doesn’t need to be changed again to update images. Everything, including image captions, is updated from Flickr.

JC Playlist

JC Play List is an easy to use ActionScript 3.0 list component created especially for easy visual representation of multimedia lists (.xml and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr). You can use JC Play List to display any kind of lists including items that contain images, titles, descriptions, index numbers, additional information, custom backgrounds and overlays. JC Play List displays these items both on horizontal and vertical position, with or without controls such as scrollbars, slide buttons, mouse movement input and autoplay features. JC Play List can be used directly without coding with different components such as JC Player or Loader Pro V3. Also, using script you can use it in conjunction with any other UI components and APIs.

Notes For LightBox

NotesForLightBox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. The current functionalities are rounded corners light box, navigation with buttons and a real slide show with progress bar. You should deffinitely check out the demo page and then love it.

jQuery Carousel Plugin

The author is completely aware that there are ton’s of carousel’s already, but many he had seen either require non-semantic mark-up, are unresponsive resulting in poor usability or have unnecessarily large file sizes, so he hopes to had managed to quash these concerns with this carousel. It was last updated on November 6, 2010.

Carousel SlideShow

Carousel Slideshow is a fabulous DHTML script for the showcasing of images on your site. It displays images in a 3D, carousel fashion. The highlights of this script -other than its stunning appearance- are that the Slideshow can be set to either slide in from right to left, or the reverse. Slideshow can be set to be 4-sided, 6, 8, or 12. A 4-sided slideshow for example means 2 images will be in view at all times (the other two behind the scene). Each image can have an optional link associated with it. Slideshow pauses on mouseover and a DOM based script that works in modern DHTML browsers- IE5+, NS6+, Opera 7+.

Roundabout Shapes for jQuery

Roundabout Shapes provide even more paths along which your Roundabout can move. The current version of Roundabout Shapes offers eleven additional movements. Like its Roundabout companion. Roundabout Shapes is released under the BSD license. If you’re unsure of what that means exactly, the entire license can be found in the source code. Please, have a ball with it!

Cloud Carousel

This great looking carousel-type image slider features are that it works with most browsers, was tested on IE6-IE9, Firefox (incl V4), Chrome, Opera, Safari and gives accurate 3d perspective, optional auto reflections, no need to modify your images or add server code. The easy integration with basic valid HTML and a tiny bit of JavaScript, it’s really small 5Kb (minified) script, degrades gracefully with Javascript turned off, it’s fully accessible with no CSS or text only browsers and last but not least, it’s completely free.


Do you wanna know what you can do with jCarousel? Here is a list of a few of it posibilities: Static, simple, vertical, circular, carousel with autoscrolling, carousel is also available with external controls, with custom start position and multiple carousels on one page.


Barousel is a jQuery plugin to easily generate simple carousel where each slide is defined by an image and any type of related content. Simply beautiful and useful, is this what you’ve been looking for?

Unique Gallery by using z-index and jQuery

This tutorial will help you to create a unique picture gallery utilizing the CSS property z-index. The shown example has the appearance of a pile of pictures, on the next action, it puts the first picture on the last position, and on the previous action, it gets the picture from the last position to the first. All done just by altering the z-index, of course with animation to underline the imagination to have a pile of pictures.

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