27+ Best Creative HTML5 Websites for Your Inspiration
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27+ Best Creative HTML5 Websites for Your Inspiration

HTML5 is viewed as the next big thing while more and more web entusiasts talked about it.

We can’t ignore the fact that a lot of web developers start to use HTML5 standards in their websites and create powerful, simplified and easy to maintain web pages.

If you wonder what’s new in HTML5, I’ll tell that a new doctype, charset and structure (<header>, <footer>, <nav>, <article>) will be added.

You’ll have the possibility to create new elements (<video>, <audio>, <canvas>) and most important HTML5 will be compatible with the major browers.

Untill it’s standardization in 2014, I’ve gathered 30 HTML5 Websites that will inspire you in your quest regarding new HTML5.

1. Reebok Brasil

2. Diablo Media

3. Digital Hands

4. Bliss

5. Adinik Wears

6. Liquid9

7. Moods of Norway

8. Jorge Rigabert

9. All is not Lost

10. The Foak House

11. Nike Better World

12. White Noise

13. The Wilderness Downtown

14. This Shell

15. Cultural Solutions

16. Forefathers Group

17. Diesel – Denim Fall/Winter 2011

18. Frontend 2011

19. Rumpetroll

20. More Hazards More Heroes

21. 20 Things I Learned

22. Sound Affects

23. progetty Studio

24. 1MD Creative Bureau

25. Bifter

26. Pixelot

27. Crane Brothers

28. Viniltec

29. Bokicabo

30. The Squad

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Written by
Suresh Patel
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