8 Smashing Magazine Books for Web Developers – only $20!
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8 Smashing Magazine Books for Web Developers – only $20!

The awesome gang at Smashing Magazine are always putting out some great content. Whether you're a beginner or experienced developer, you can pick up a thing or three from their regular posts.generic soft tab cialis


But wouldn't it be great to get your hands on some full-fledged development-centric eBooks from Smashing Magazine? Done and done! Not only are we offering a bundle of eBooks to improve your code and design, but we've got a really Smashing Deal for you too!

For just a limited time, get 8 eBooks for just $20! That's 46% off the regular price! This overall bundle will help you develop great websites by applying trendy plug-ins, techniques for responsive design and many other nifty coding usages for contemporary programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress and HTML. You'll even get advice on how to improve your professional skills in your daily routine as a freelancer.

Here's what's included:

Mastering CSS Volume 1

Mastering CSS for Web Developers

This eBook contains 15 articles that cover useful techniques, tricks and guidelines from experts on topics such as modern CSS layouts, responsive Web design, CSS typography, CSS cross-browser compatibility, and many other advanced CSS techniques.

Javascript Essentials

JavaScript Essentials

Filled with up-to-date lessons on coding reviews, JavaScript scopes and implementations, AJAX and various tips on JavaScript solutions, this eBook is essential for improving your JavaScript knowledge.

Mastering jQuery

Mastering jQuery

This eBook contains articles with the most exclusive, top-notch advice on jQuery, a concise JavaScript library that helps simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, creating animations and Ajax interactions for rapid Web development.

Wordpress Essentials

WordPress Essentials

If you want to find out how to extend the limitations of WordPress, this Smashing eBook will help you improve your capabilities, so you can take full advantage of its flexibility. This eBook is packed with copy-paste coding snippets and provides practical advice, such as useful techniques for creating your own plugins, adding menus as well as sub menus, and also how to avoid problems with JavaScript and CSS.

Mastering WordPress

Mastering WordPress

This eBook contains only the best articles on how to use extensions for WordPress with an amazing collection of copy-paste coding snippets. They explain advanced methods and techniques which go beyond front-end experience and show how to customize back-end experience.

Wordpress Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials

This eBook's filled with detailed techniques showing you the step-by-step of various enhancement processes on WordPress publishing. Including tabs in the user interface, adding media elements, applying plug-ins and creating custom meta boxes are a few examples of what is awaiting you.

Successful Freelancing

Successful Freelancing

If you are thinking of freelancing, then this eBook will be a treasure chest for you. Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly. Get precious tips on a key issue in freelancing: communication with clients and partners. Compelling marketing strategies will brighten your future, win contracts and make your business profitable.

Professional Workflow

Professional Workflow

As a freelance Web designer, you’ll often have to do it all yourself, and sometimes all alone. This eBook provides financial and legal advice that will surely help you to improve your business workflow, and help you carry out sound decisions when engaging in business with clients. Additionally, we’ve carefully prepared samples of legal documents, along with explanations of their purpose and best use.

Click the BUY button now and start hitting the Smashing eBooks today!

Deal terms:

  • Instant download
  • All eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats: PDF, ePUB and Kindle, for use on the device of your choice
  • Not for redistribution/resale
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