15 Unique Resume and Cover Letter Templates

15 Unique Resume and Cover Letter Templates

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Résumés and cover letters are your first step towards a new career. It’s tough to get noticed, even when you have some mad skills in your work history. That’s why you really need a killer résumé to catch someone’s eye. This Mighty deal from Zippy Pixels can do just that! You’ll get yourself a gorgeous collection of 90 high-quality, professional and exciting résumés and cover letters. The set includes 15 unique résumés in 3 different color styles, as well as 15 unique cover letters with 3 different color styles as well. You’ll find everything from professional to super creative in this batch. And if you act now, you can even save 50% off the regular price!


  • 90 High-Quality Professional Résumés and Cover Letters
    This professionally awesome bundle includes 45 gorgeous résumés (15 unique) and 45 cover letter (15 unique) templates. That’s more than enough to whip up the perfect pitch for yourself or your clients.
  • Multiple Colors
    This bundle include 15 unique résumé templates, each with 3 different color styles. It also includes 15 unique cover letter templates, each with 3 different color styles. That’s 45 different résumés and 45 different cover letter templates. 
  • Wide Range of Styles
    This collection of professional, high-quality résumés and cover letter templates covers a wide range of different styles. You’ll find everything from modern to simple to corporate in this collection.

Take a closer look at the 15 résumé templates included in this deal:

Creative Résumé

Professional with a real taset of personality to it. Stand out from the crowd while still clearly getting across your work history and skills.

Résumé Template for Professionals

More on the professional side with a hint of colorful creativity, this one also sports some real interesting typography and layout.

Creative Infographic Résumé

Talk about creative! This colorful and certainly creative résumé is made to look like an infographic. Fun, modern and informative all in one!

Creative Executives Résumé

A beautiful résumé for creative folks looking to show off their professional side.

Colorful Stylish Résumé

With an eye for color, this stylish résumé also features a fantastic thought-out layout that guides readers through an interesting story about (who else?) you!

Creative Résumé

Embrace the current minimalist trend that’s all the rage these days. Get a straight-forward simple design that lets your work skills speak for themself.

Professional Business Résumé

A mix of mature colors and an oversized nature make this professional business résumé certainly stand out from the crowd.

Professional Résumé

Subtle color and a fun, creative layout prove that being grown-up and serious doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

Modern & Simple Résumé

Give off some real positive vibes with this modern and simple résumé that’s full of sophistication, is easy to read and well organized.

Simple Résumé

Another sleek, beautifully laid out résumé proves that less is more with its real basic, yet attractive, layout.

General Résumé

Kick your standard résumé up a few notches with this template that’s clean, organized and stylish.

Creative Business Résumé

A real professional and personal résumé to show off your creative side. Stylish and clean, this one even puts your face front and center!

Simple & Colorful Résumé

Packed with energy, this highly colorful template is perfect for anyone applying to a truly creative position. It’s also great in tone on tone.

Corporate Résumé

The standard corporate résumé gets a bit of a facelift and now will help you really stand out from the crowd. In other words, your résumé’s not boring anymore!

Multipurpose Résumé

This multipurpose résumé has it all going on. You’ll get 4 pairs of professional and creative multipurpose résumés and cover letters. 2 pairs are creative and colorful, whitl the other 2 are simpler versions sporting gray and white colors and a bit of a more professional vibe.


This design-packed bundle normally sells for $39, but for a limited time only, you can get all 15 résumé and cover letter template sets for only $19! That’s a savings of 50% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW and start getting noticed today!

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Suresh Patel
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